Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah’s new message to Indian Muslims ‘celebrating Taliban’s return’ comes at a time when certain sects of Indian Muslims on social media – and otherwise – are ecstatic on the militant organization’s complete control over a war-torn Afghanistan.

Recently, the actor’s video message regarding the issue went viral on Twitter where the actor called certain Muslim sects celebrating Taliban’s actions as concerning.


National Film Award and Padma Bhushan recipient actor Naseeruddin Shah recently made waves for calling out sects of Indian Muslims that have been ecstatic on Taliban’s complete control over an already ravaged Afghanistan.

The actor recently shared a video message in which he claimed that the people celebrating Taliban’s return must ask themselves if they want to live with a reformed Islam or endure the barbarism that’s been going on since the last few centuries.

“Even though Taliban’s regime in Afghanistan is a cause of concern for the entire world, what’s equally concerning is certain sects of Indian Muslims celebrating the return of those barbarians,” Mr. Shah said in his video message.

“Every Indian Muslim Must Ask Themselves…”

He further asked Indian Muslims to introspect whether they want a reformed Islam or live with barbaric values. In the video message, Mr. Shah said, “Today, every Indian Muslim must ask themselves a question that if they want reform and modernity in their religion, or the barbaric values going on for the past few centuries.”

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Quoting Mirza Ghalib, Defining Hindustani Islam

Mr. Shah also shared the difference between ‘Hindustani Islam’ (Islam practiced in India by Indians) and the Islam practiced across the world. Quoting renowned poet Mirza Ghalib, Mr. Shah said, “I am an Indian Muslim, and just how Mirza Ghalib had said ages back, my relationship with the Allah is extremely unreserved.”

“I don’t need politics in religion. Indian Islam has always remained different than Islam practiced across the world, and may God not bring a future where it changes so much that we can’t even identify it”, Mr. Shah concluded.

Watch the Video Message Here:

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Naseeruddin Shah’s Video Message Gets Polarizing Reaction

His remarks met with a polarizing reaction on the Internet. While some netizens applauded Mr. Shah for his stance, others called him out for his ever-changing stance on religion.

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The Infamous “Feel Unsafe” Statement Incident

Some netizens also called Mr. Shah out and gave reference to a statement from 2018 he made about feeling concerned for his children in India. Speaking in an interview, Mr. Shah said how the country witnessed the fact that a cow death is more significant than a police officer’s death.

“I feel anxious for my children because tomorrow if mob surrounds them and asks ‘Are you a Hindu or a Muslim?’ they will have no answer,” Mr. Shah had further said, explaining that he and his wife didn’t raise their children with religious education.

Several netizens on Twitter made references to the 2018 statement and called Mr. Shah out on his flimsy stance.

“Today, Naseeruddin Shah is playing the role of a ‘good Hindustani Muzlim offended by Taliban’. Tomorrow, he will remove his make-up and start feeling insecure again in a ‘Hindu majority India’. That’s it. That’s the tweet!”, wrote a Twitter used.

Another user wrote, “Naseeruddin Shah is what you would call a “text book sarkari” tbh. Always trying to bend lslam to suit their modern lifestyle, dissing on other Muslims to stay relevant in their social circle and trying to dilute religion by fusing it with an alien culture.”