In Nashik, a toll booth staffer & the wife of a CRPF jawan were caught on video thrashing each other at the toll plaza over toll fee. The incident was reported from Nashik’s Pimpalgaon toll plaza and occurred earlier on Wednesday. While no official statement has been issued, it is being speculated that the wife of the CRPF jawan, who was a commuter, wanted herself to be exempt of the toll fee.

Shocking video of the incident has since been making rounds of social media. In the video gone viral, the two women are seen pulling each other’s hair, slapping and pushing each other. The fight also shows them abusing each other in Marathi.

One of the women also threatens the other of tearing her saree. Amid the melee, some onlookers can be seen trying to capture the incident in videos, while others crowd and catch the fight as if it was a scripted fight just for them.

A Firstpost report quoted an official of the toll booth saying “It seems that the woman commuter wished to be exempted from paying the toll fee to which the staffer refused.”

Lately several such incidents have been emerging across the nation. Earlier this week, a NCC Cadet in Bhopal was seen thrashing a bus conductor over non-payment of the bus ticket.

The Facts of the Matter

Rage has been one of the most primal emotions people have carried within them for centuries. This anger often erupts into shocking acts of violence, usually in the form of altercations regarding property, money, or relationships. In one such incident, a toll booth staffer and the wife of a CRPF jawan recently locked horns in public, pushing & pulling each other, and going as far as threatening to tear the other person’s saree.

The incident occurred earlier on Nashik’s Pimpalgaon toll plaza where a female staffer sought for toll fee. It is being reported that the CRPF jawan’s wife wanted to be exempt from paying the toll fee, which caused the altercation.

Visuals of the shocking incident have since gone viral on social media.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video of the incident shows two saree-wearing woman slapping, abusing and punching each other. They both grab a fist full of each other’s hair and pull it to cause further pain and agony. Meanwhile, onlookers turn into spectators of the dramatic fight, and are seen capturing it on video. One of the woman also threatens the other of tearing her saree. Amid the cursing and abusing and assaulting, some onlookers intervene.

Watch the Video here:

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Netizens React to Nashik Women Fight

Netizens on Twitter were quick to react to the incident and give their two cents.

“Shocking to see still some morons like people standing nearby just to enjoy the incidents and take thrill of creating videos rather than stopping them,” a netizen commented.

Meanwhile, another netizen sarcastically commented – “To be fair – both need a bit more partice, need to land a few quick punches &its always better to try to trip the opponent over. I’m sure they’ll get better if they get more opportunities – as of now it is a draw”.

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NCC Cadet in Bhopal Thrashes Bus Conductor Over Ticket Payment

Earlier this week, a NCC cadet in Bhopal was seen thrashing a bus conductor over ticket payment. The bus conductor had repeatedly asked for the Rs 15 and the cadet paid Rs 10. When the conductor asked for the remaining sum, the cadet launched a full-blown assault over the conductor.


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