India is famous country for its festivals and culture. Navratri or Durga puja is one of the main festivals of India. Festival of Durga puja is celebrated for 9 days. In these 9 days Goddess Durga’s different avatars are worshipped. On the first day goddess Shailputri is worshipped, second day is considered to be of Brahmacharini, third for Devi Chandraghanta, fourth Kushmanda Mata, fifth Skandamata, sixth is for Katyayani, seventh Kalratri, eighth Mahagauri and ninth for Siddhidatri.

Generally, Navratri falls 4 times in a year but two of them are celebrated importantly as a festival in by the common Hindu people. Two of them are performed for special siddhis and sadhana by astrologers, Sadhaks, Tantriks, etc. and these 2 navratris are known as gupta navratri.


This year chaitra Navratri started from 13th April 2021. On first day of Durga Puja Mata Shailputri is worshipped. Goddess has a Trishul in her right hand and a Lotus Flower in her Left Hand and wears Moon as a crown. Sati was reborn as the daughter of Shailraj Himaavan and Menavati and they named her as Shailputri. Shailputri means the daughter of mountain.


On The second day of Durga Puja, Goddess Brahmacharini is worshipped. Here Brahma means Austerity and charini means Follower, So the Brahmacharini means the follower of Austerity. Goddess is worshipped to earn patience, virtue, morality etc. The goddess has a rosery in her right hand and a Kamandal in her left hand. The personality of the goddess is very lightful and charming. With the blessings of goddess one can overcome any obstacles and problems in their life. one can achieve all the goals in his life.

On the Advice of Narad ji, Shailputri started her Austerity (Tapasya) and went to the jungle and did a very tough Tapasya for getting Lord Shiva as her Husband, and because of that She was known as Brahmacharini.

she survived only on leaves and vegetables for thousands of years, after a couple of years she even stopped the intake of fruits, vegetables and leaves (Patte) and that’s why she was also named as Aparna. She did the Hardest Tap to Impress Lord Shiva even all the Gods & Goddess were surprised with her Tapasya, as nobody in the past have done such a hard tap. Finally, Lord Shiva Appeared and fulfilled her wish. This second avatar of Mother Goddess Durga teaches us that we should always be calm at the time of problems and exams whatever the circumstances are. Every Problem has a solution we just have to keep patience, stay positive and strong to fight all the problems.

With these teaching, we all have to keep patience, stay positive and strong to fight with COVID-19 situation. Because its worsening day by day so in these days our self-confidence, patience and our will power is only going to save us from this difficult situation.

So, we would ask you all to stay strong, stay safe, stay positive, stay confident and have patience.

Happy Navratri.