Netflix’s The Tomorrow War is a Chris Pratt starrer film whose failure lies in its illogical narrative. The film appears to be filmmaker Chris McKay’s tribute to its conceptual precursor, the legendary 1996 film Independence Day.

Dan Forester (Pratt) is ready to enter his home, where they are holding a Halloween party, in the early sequence of The Tomorrow War. A blowup Halloween doll appears in the middle of the frame as he goes across the porch. As though it were alive, the artificial item flutters in the air and gently turns its neck towards the camera. These little seconds would be enough to set the story’s foreground. But let’s look at the plot further.

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A glimpse of the story

It is the year 2022. Dan Forester (Chris Pratt), an Iraq War veteran and biology teacher, is watching the FIFA World Cup with his family when a wormhole appears on TV in the center of the field. Many people emerge, professing to be from the year 2051, when mankind is on the verge of annihilation due to an alien onslaught, and requesting reinforcements.


Chris-Pratt as Dan Forester | Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video

In answer, world governments dispatch their forces into the future and discover that the survival rate is just 20%, resulting in forced conscription since people choose not to come in the middle of an invasion by malevolent aliens. Forester is called away, leaving behind a distraught wife and daughter.

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Where did this inspiration come from?

You are not incorrect if this idea seems familiar. The Tomorrow War has drawn ‘inspiration’ from far superior films. Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow is an apparent piece of ‘inspiration.’ However, there are shades of Independence Day in the worldwide reaction to the alien danger, and Alien in the design of extraterrestrials, among other things.


The Tomorrow War | Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video

One of the most amazing aspects of The Tomorrow War is the depiction of the aliens. They indeed appear to be virtually unstoppable slaughtering robots with more tentacles than humanity can manage. Even that feeling of fear is mitigated by inaccuracy: at first, no one can work out how to murder the grunts, then towards the finale, they are killed with remarkable ease. This film believes it is far cleverer than it is.

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Whom to blame?

This is due to a nonsensical narrative and inconsistent characterization, which detracts from the story’s entertainment value. Strange things keep happening, and you’re supposed to take it at its value. The ridiculousness might be more tolerable in a self-aware, idiotic action film, such as the latest Mortal Kombat film. The writer wants you to accept every ridiculous thing seriously in this movie.

The-Tomorrow-War-Still-Sam Richardson

Chris Pratt and Sam Richardson | Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video

The Tomorrow War is also not a good escapism film. Any time you are slightly appreciating a scene piece things occur to ruin your absorption, whether it is a stupid surrender by a character or a bit of conversation that looks out of place within this specific circumstance.

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Take away

Overall, The Tomorrow War isn’t a display of mind-blowing innovation, but it’s a distinct enough combination of traditional sci-fi themes that it avoids feeling plainly and completely unoriginal. The beasts are scary and entertaining to see, and the acting hits the mark. The picture does seem as though it’s made up of two separate movies, though if you’re seeking an entertaining monster movie or an action-packed alien attack thriller, it’s worth a watch.