In a hilarious development, netizens had a laughing riot as US President Joe Biden was caught ‘dozing’ at a conference at the COP26 Summit. Let’s face it, thanks to cameras everywhere, one can hardly catch a moment where they can truly be ‘themselves’. This is common for a common man, let alone the Leader of the Free World. US President Joe Biden, like Presidents preceding him, is surrounded by cameras where every single move of his is captured. However, the Democratic party leader found himself captured as he was getting a small shut-eye during a conference at the COP26 summit.

The video, which has gone viral by now, was first amplified by The Washington Post journalist Zach Purser Brown and since then, been used as a meme template on Reddit, 9gag and other social media platforms.


So, you’re sitting at a boring meeting at the end of a very long day at office. The speaker at the meeting is going on and on about something you forgot about 10-minutes back. And his oaky and meek voice is making it all the more difficult for you to stay awake. You decide to casually shut your eyes and be discreet. However, you’re caught and made fun of in the meeting.

Now take the same example and apply it to the President of the most powerful country in the world. And put him at a crucial climate change conference where the entire world has tuned in.

Something similar to what we mentioned above happened to US President Joe Biden at the COP26 Summit in Glasgow, Scotland.

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The Facts of the Matter

While there’s nothing wrong with cramming a small shut-eye, one must remember the when and where of the situation. Don’t do it when you are the President of the USA, and don’t do it where you are invited to attend a conference regarding climate change.

The When, What and How of the Matter

Unfortunately, the 46th President of the USA never got the memo on when to shut eye and became part of some embarrassing news stories. President Biden was reportedly attending the COP26 climate change conference, Scotland and was captured closing his eyes for about half a minute till he was roused by an assistant.

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President Biden Does ‘Napping’ Dry Test

Before shutting his eyes for about half a minute, he had done a ‘dry test’ where he shut his eyes for about 10 seconds, and then opened it to soon shutting them off. Biden found himself zoned out when the speaker at the meeting was Eddie Ndopu, a disability rights advocate.

At one point when Ndopu in his speech highlighted the threats of global warming, the camera panned to President Biden who had apparently dozed off. Ndopu proclaimed, “I call on you to commit to concrete actions to stop the destruction of this magnificent planet,” while President Biden gave his eyes another break.

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Irony of President Biden Nodding During the Speech

As Ndopu continued on his inspiring proclamation and was quoted saying, “You have the chance to make decisions and reach agreements which will affect the lives of generations to come. You are in a position of extraordinary power,” Biden’s aide somehow roused him.

Meanwhile, as Ndopu’s addressed ended, the President proceeded to join his hands together, and then rub his eyes. This hilarious ordeal was first shared by Washington Post reporter.

Watch Video Here:

Netizens React to Biden’s ‘Shut-Eye’ Gone Wrong

Soon, the video went viral on Twitter and Biden’s shut eye became a new template of meme. Interestingly, there were polarizing reaction to the incident. While some people cut President Biden some slack, others pointed at the juxtaposition of Biden dozing off right after he himself spoke on climate change and its perils.