Due to the fear of the new coronavirus strain confirmed in the UK that has forced the Indian government to take extraordinary measures like extending the flight ban, it seems like the restrictions and measures taken by the governments is going to throw cold water on the New Year 2021 celebrations across the country.

The state governments across India have announced preventive measures in the form of restrictions and curfews across their states to prevent gatherings as part of a continuous strategy to curb the coronavirus effect. These restrictions are likely going to affect the new year’s eve celebrations people may have been looking forward to.

Here are the rules issued by the Centre and State Government for 31st December 2020 for all major cities in India: 

  • Mumbai, Curfew Timings: 11 PM(31st Dec)-6AM(1st Jan)

Although the Mumbaikars will be allowed to visit their favorite spots in the city that never sleeps like Juhu, Marine Drive, Gateway of India, etc, COVID19 norms of social distancing will be applicable on all those places and no more than 4 persons in a group shall be allowed on these places. To maintain order and keep a vigilant eye on public places, about 35,000 Mumbai Police personnel will be taking the charge. 

Booking cruise boats, banquet halls are not permitted to operate on December 31st night. Bars, restaurants, and cafe will drop their shutter at the stipulated time of 11 PM when the curfew is imposed. Essential services will remain operational meaning food delivery from platforms like Zomato will be allowed till 11 PM. Unlike in the past years, there will be no special trains or buses that will function past midnight to help people get home.

  • New Delhi, Curfew Timings: 11 PM (31st Dec)-6AM(1st Jan)

                                                                   11 PM (1st Jan)-6AM(2nd Jan)

The DDMA has announced a two-night curfew with the exception of a gathering of more than 5 people at a public place. Like most major cities, there are no new year celebrations that are permitted to be held and no gatherings can take place from 11 PM of 31st December to 6 AM of 1st January, and from 11 PM of 1st January to 6 AM of the following morning of 2nd January. The Delhi Police have also warned the residents against any public events or terrace parties on New Year’s Eve. As per the Delhi Police, no function can take place without permission otherwise a hefty penalty will be charged.  

  • Bengaluru, Curfew Timings: 11 PM (31st Jan)-5 AM(1st Jan)

The Bengaluru Police has announced that a night curfew from December 31, 2020, at 11 PM to January 1, 2021, at 5 AM will be imposed within the limits of the city. 

As per Bengaluru police, gatherings of more than four people are not allowed in public places. Apartments and societies too are not allowed to hold celebrations and at restaurants, advance bookings with e-tokens are allowed.

  • Hyderabad, Curfew Timings: All celebrations to last from 8 PM to 1 AM

Strict orders have been given to people that all new year celebrations are to take place between 8 PM on the 31st of December to 1 AM on 1st January.  

  • Chennai, Curfew Timings: All Celebrations to Cease by 10 PM.

According to Chennai Police, all the bars in, restaurants that operate within the limits of Greater Chennai City will be shut by 10 PM on new year’s evening. 

The state government has also banned any New Year’s Eve celebrations across the city’s beaches. Around ten thousand police personnel will be on duty across Chennai to maintain law and order. 

  • Kerala, Curfew Timings: All Celebrations to Cease by 10 PM.

The authorities have already issued order that prohibits all kinds of public gatherings that are part of the New Year celebrations. According to the Kerala Government, any celebration on December 31st evening should cease by 10 PM. 

  • Jaipur, Curfew Timings: 8 PM(Dec 31)-6 AM(Jan 1)

All the cities in Rajasthan that have a population of over 1 lakh will be under curfew on December 31st. According to the Rajasthan government, the curfew will begin on 8 PM on December 31st and last till 6 AM, January 1st. The authorities have also stated that the markets will be shut after 7 PM. Just like most states and cities, no parties and celebrations involving a large gathering of people are allowed and social distancing will be enforced at all junctures.