Union Square Park in Manhattan was the site of a violent riot that erupted after a meet-and-greet and giveaway hosted by livestreamer Kai Cenat was announced on social media. Thousands of people showed up to the event, which quickly went viral.

Kai Cenat was arrested by police for allegedly inciting a riot and assembling unlawfully, which has prompted worries about the risks of organizing gatherings on social media and the necessity to improve crowd management strategies.






How and What Happened

  • YouTuber Seenat posted a video, in which he talked about giving away 300 PlayStations to his fans.
  • Seenat has 10 million followers. Who started gathering at Union Square at 1 o’clock.
  • There were fights between people to get the play station.  After the crowd went out of control, people started breaking the vehicles and started dancing on them.

New York City Police Chief Geoffrey Madere says the situation got out of control and a number of people were injured. Later the police somehow dispersed the crowd and brought the situation under control. Many youths have been arrested on the charges of riot.

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