A New York-based man recently bought as many as 300 iPhones worth $95,000 (Rs 77 lakhs), and got beaten and robbed outside the Apple store while making his way back to his car. The incident was reported from New York and occurred right outside the iconic Fifth Avenue store. The incident occurred earlier this week on Monday and happened sometime around 1.45 am local time. The man was well-known to the store owners for buying iPhones and selling them through his franchise small-business.

According to reports, the incident came to the fore after the NYPD received an alert about a robbery which happened earlier on Monday morning. The victim of the shocking twist-of-fate was identified as a 27-year-old reseller of Apple products.

Reportedly, the robbery victim took to the iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store sometime around 1.45 am to avoid being seen buying number of expensive Apple products. To his bad luck, when he was leaving the store with three huge bags, another car pulled up with two unidentified miscreants demanding him to hand over the bags.

The victim tried to fight back, but was left with a punch on his nose, and loss of at least 125 iPhones worth $95,000.

The Facts of the Mater

From New York, to Mumbai, to Tokyo – major business centers are the world are often unsafe after the sun goes down. A man in New York recently learnt the hard lesson of never letting one’s guard down after he had to part with iPhones worth $95,000 that he had bought from an Apple store recently.

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Man Goes to Apple Store at Odd Hour

The robbery recently took place right outside the iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York on Monday, 1.45 am. The man had reportedly gone to the 24 hours Apple Store in order to avoid being seen carrying so many expensive devices.

On the morning of the incident, the 27-year-old victim was handed over three huge bags with as many as 300 iPhones in them. The man was known to the store workers as a small business owner who used to buy hundreds of iPhones in batches and then resell them.

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Being Ambushed by Accused, Beaten Up & Robbed

As the man made his way out of the store, he was ambushed by two men in a car, demanding him to hand over the bags of Apple iPhones. The New York-based man did try to resist the robbery attempt, but was beaten up and left with a bloodied nose at the end of the ordeal. Further, he had to part away with at least 125 iPhones worth $95,000.

Investigation On

After the incident, the NYPD received a robbery alert and rushed to the scene. The victim was found to not be seriously hurt, and refused medical attention. Meanwhile, the cops have so far not been able to release a description of the accused or their vehicle. Investigation is on in the matter.

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Palo Alto Thieves Steal Apple Products Worth $35,000

Meanwhile, another shocking incident was reported from Palo Alto, California where thieves were able to steal at least $35,000 worth of Apple Products on the day of Black Friday sale.

Video of the incident showed unidentified accused pulling iPhones, and other Apple products from the display tables and shoving other customers. Shockingly enough, the accused remain unchallenged by customers and employees due to the busy day.


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