New Zealand becomes the first finalist of the inaugural edition of ICC World Test Championship, scheduled to end at Lord’s in June. The news of New Zealand making it to the final of the Test Championship came after the Australian Cricket Team postponed its South African tour due to the COVID-19 fears, where they were supposed to play 3 Tests.   

The Kiwis are currently in the second position in the standings with all the scheduled matches played. Following the New Zealand team is the Indian team which is currently at the top spot at the league table with a PCT of 71.7% after the jubilant effort against the Australian team in the Border-Gavaskar series.  

You can read more about what PCT means and how it came about here.

Although Australia was eyeing to make it to the final of the World Test Championship, its chances of making it to the final at Lord’s in June have diminished drastically. Now the Aussies will have to rely on the results of matches played between other top contenders.  

As Australians postponed their South African tour, no team other than India could surpass the PCT of 70. The ICC in its statement stated, “All to play for in the upcoming India v England series with three teams able to meet New Zealand in the final of the inaugural ICC World Test Championship.” 

But which team will make the final spot? It all depends on how the series between India and England progresses. We have put together a quick qualification scenario for the last stretch of the ICC World Test Championship.  

ICC World Test Championship Qualification Scenario 


Matches remaining: 4 Matches 

Opponent: England 

India is sitting pretty at the World Test Championship standings with the highest PCT of 71.7%. However, the Indian team still needs to bring their A-game to the field. To qualify for the final of the WTC tournament, India needs to win against England with a minimum margin of 2-0 in the 4 remaining tests. Even if the Indian team loses one Test in the series, the requirement will be the same.  

India has to win with 2-0, 2-1, 3-0, 3-1, 4-0. However, any other result and the team will be kicked off the league after reigning at the first position for the most part of it. 


Matches remaining: 4 Test Matches 

Opponent: India  

The England Cricket team have a treacherous path ahead of them on their journey to the WTC final. The England team has to grab the entire series against the Indians to make it through. But even if they do that, it just might not be enough. Here’s what we mean: 

Team England needs to win a minimum of 3 test matches in the 4-Test series against India to make it through to the final. So, the team has to grab the series by a comprehensive margin of 0-4, 1-3 or 0-3. The team would not make it through to the final if it settles for two draws and two wins.  


Matches remaining: Nil 

Opponent: None 

Thanks to the unfortunate postponement of the South African tour, now the Australian team will have to keep their eyes on the matches of other top contenders of WTC. A few permutations and combinations (and some luck) will help the Australian team to make it through. Now, the only way Australia can play the final against New Zealand is if:  

-England team defeats India by 0-1, 0-2, or 1-2. 

-India wins the series by 1-0.

-The 4-Test series settles in a dusted draw. 

So there we have it folks, the final WTC championship scenario as to who will don the white and lock horns with the Kiwis at the final.