Modi Ji was seen picking up garbage on a Beach. Twitter can’t stop praising.

A video has surfaced on Twitter showing Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Bhai Modi, picking up garbage including plastic bottles, plastic plates & another leftover piece of garbage by the visitors at the Mahabalipuram beach.

PM Narendra Modi was strolling on a beach in Mahabalipuram on Saturday morning. While he is doing his regular morning walk routine on a beach outside the Taj Fisherman’s Cove Resort and Spa, suddenly he felt the need to start picking up leftover garbage by the local visitors to the beach. He takes up a plastic bag and starts collecting the garbage in it.

While walking barefoot along the seashore, he was seen picking up slippers from the sands normally given to guests staying at the five-star property.

The video of Modi picking up waste from the beach was uploaded on his Twitter handle.

Modi Ji’s Tweet:

Indore’s Mayor & MLA, Malini Laxman Singh Gaud:

Dr. Jitendra Singh

Rajat Sharma, India TV:

Dr. Ashwathnarayan C. N.

Divya Bhaskar:


PM Modi is staying at the resort for the weekend as a part of an informal meeting with the Chinese President Xi Jinping. The meeting is sought as a method to improve the diplomatic relationship between the two countries.

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