In the latest Nikki Yadav murder update, accused Sahil Gehlot’s father was recently arrested, with reports claiming that he knew about his son’s ‘temple wedding’ to the victim Nikki Yadav. The development comes days after Sahil Gehlot was arrested for murdering Nikki Yadav and dumping her body inside the fridge of a dhaba he owns. Reportedly, Sahil also went on to get engaged with another woman on the very same day when he murdered Nikki.

Meanwhile, earlier on Saturday, it was reported that the cops arrested Virendra Singh, Sahil’s father, for criminal conspiracy in the murder case of Nikki Yadav. Singh has been booked under section 120B (conspiracy) of the IPC, after cops found out about his awareness about his son’s crime. Further, the cops also arrested Sahil’s cousins Ashish and Naveen, and friends Amar and Lokesh.

As per cops, Sahil’s father was aware of his son’s crime, but got him married to another woman hours after he killed Nikki Yadav. Further, Sahil’s friends and cousins who were picked up on Friday, had helped him in hiding the body in the fridge.

Further investigation also confirmed that Nikki and Sahil got married at a temple in 2020. As Sahil was supposed to get married to another woman, he and his associates hatched a plan of murdering Nikki.

The Facts of the Matter

The harrowing tale of Nikki Yadav and Sahil Gehlot has taken on a new twist, with some harrowing evidence surfacing. Days after Sahil Gehlot was arrested for the murder of his girlfriend Nikki Yadav, the cops arrested his father, cousins, and friends, who allegedly knew about the murder, and were part of the criminal conspiracy.

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Accused’s Cousin is a Constable

The Delhi Police arrested Sahil’s father Virender along with Sahil’s cousins Ashish and Naveen, and friends Amar and Lokesh for their involvement in Yadav’s murder. It should be noted that Sahil’s cousin Naveen is a constable posted with the Delhi Police.

Reportedly, Sahil’s father was aware of his son’s crime, and still got him married to another woman hours after Nikki’s horrific murder. Further, it was Sahil’s friends and cousins, who helped him hide Nikki’s body.

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Friends, Cousins & Father Arrested

An India Today report quoted Crime Branch saying, “Sahil’s father Virender Singh has been arrested after police found that he knew that his son had allegedly murdered Nikki. He has been booked u/s 120B (criminal conspiracy) of IPC. 4 others incl friend, cousin & brother of accused Sahil Gehlot arrested.”

Nikki & Sahil Married Got Married 2020

According to Ravindra Yadav, Special Commissioner of Police, Sahil and Nikki were not an unmarried couple. They married each other in 2020 and a marriage certificate has been recovered during the investigation. When Nikki found out that Sahil wants to get married to another woman, she resisted him to continue.

Meanwhile, Sahil and the co-accused mentioned above hatched a plan to eliminate Nikki Yadav. Further, before he got married to another woman the same day as the murder, he told his father about the matter. Despite knowing that his son was responsible for the murder, Sahil’s father asked him to go ahead with the marriage.

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The Case So Far

The horrific murder came to light on Valentine’s Day, February 14, when Gehlot finally confessed to the crime. Gehlot led the cops to the refrigerator in his dhaba where he had stuffed Nikki Yadav’s body. During interrogation, Sahil confessed that Nikki found out about his wedding that he had kept secret, and in a fit of rage, he strangled Nikki with a data cable kept in his car.


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