Nisha Rawal on spat with Karan Mehra: I don’t want any alimony but wants son Kavish’s custody. She said, “There really is nothing I am demanding for myself. I am a self-sufficient girl who will manage for both my child and my-self.”

Reportedly, Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal were wedded in 2012 and have a kid named Kavish.


In a recent conversation with a news media, Nisha Rawal stated, “I don’t want any compensation” What will he offer me that I haven’t already handed him? We both worked together to develop things. I began earning money at an early age and assisted him along with his career, well before he joined YRKKH. I’ve worked extensively, and everyone I’ve worked with will witness the fact that Karan was in possession of the commercials.

She asserted He grabbed all of my jewelry and all other things that I had with me, during our marriage. I’ve told him to return the jewelry he’s taken with him as I need to rebuild my life. Meri Mom Ke Property Ke Papers Bhi Uske Pass Pade Hue Hain, and I’d like him to return them.

Karan Hasn’t Contacted Kavish Since his Birthday: Nisha Rawal

As per Nisha, Karan has not talked to their son Kavish after his birthday in June. She claimed that the gift bags Karan openly stated he had purchased for Kavish never reached. The actress stated, “He called only once on Kavish’s birthday (June 18) on an actor’s friend’s number to wish him.” He uploaded an image of presents he had purchased for Kavish on his birthday. I’m curious as to why the gifts were never delivered to our son. Let me inform you, he hasn’t contacted Kavish once since his birthday.”

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He Confessed to Having an Extramarital Affair: Nisha Rawal

The massive conflict between the TV duo, Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra, suddenly went public in June, when the former accused her husband of physical abuse and also had him jailed for it. She claimed he pushed her head on the wall, causing major injuries to her forehead. However, in the thick of the controversy, both of them made multiple shocking statements in previous interviews. Nisha Rawal now desires sole custody of her son Kavish rather than alimony from her separated partner Karan Mehra.

Nisha Rawal earlier asserted that she attempted to consolidate their differences so many times, including scheduling vacations and even talking with his parents, but the “final nail in the coffin” was when he confessed to having an extramarital affair.

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I Gave in Since I loved him and Didn’t Want to be Separated: Nisha Rawal

According to Nisha, the marriage began to suffer post her abortion in 2014. “Each time I decided to withdraw the marriage, he would apologize for his misbehavior and pledge not to repeat it,” she adds. I gave in since I loved him and didn’t want to be separated from him.”

However, Karan Mehra Posts Awesome Video Of Son Kavish Amid Split With Ex-Wife Nisha Rawal; Claims It’s Been 75 Days Since I Saw You Last, Little Mehra.


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