In Noida, an 81-year-old elderly man was arrested for ‘digitally raping’ a minor girl for the last 7 years. According to reports, the accused, an artist by profession, had been living in Himachal Pradesh. One of his workers reportedly sent his minor daughter to live with him and trusted him as his guardian while the girl could get her education. Ever since the girl located in Himachal, the accused started sexually exploiting her.

While one may think ‘digital rape’ as something involving digital media and its mediums, but it is a completely different term. In cases of digital rape, the alleged accused uses their finger or fingers to sexually violate the victim and force a sexual act on them. In the case of a female victim, a person is accused of digital rape when they use their fingers to penetrate the victim’s vagina without her consent.

It should be noted that the term was introduced in 2013. It was only after the gut-wrenching Nirbhaya gang-rape case that a slew of new provisions was introduced in the law.

In case a person is adjudged guilty of digital rape, they may get imprisonment of up to 10 years, and in certain cases, even life imprisonment.

The Facts of the Matter

The Noida police arrested an 81-year-old elderly artist cum teacher from Gautam Budh nagar earlier on Sunday. The elderly man was arrested for allegedly ‘digitally raping’ a minor girl for over seven years. The police claimed that the accused was living with the 17-year-old victim and was given the responsibility of being her guardian.

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Victim’s Father Trusted Accused as ‘Guardian’

Reportedly, the accused, an artist by profession, lived in Himachal Pradesh where one of his workers had sent his minor daughter to live with him. The victim’s father trusted the accused as a guardian of her daughter so that she could continue her education.

Trauma Continues for 7 Years, Girl Gathers Evidences

Over the course of the next seven years, the minor girl was sexually exploited by her own guardian. After years of being subjected to abuse, the girl finally started recording the accused’s sexual advances. She collected sizable evidences against the accused, mostly audio files.

She also shared the trauma she was being made to witness year after year to a woman. The woman then filed the complaint, according to Ranvijay Singh, additional deputy commissioner of police.

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Accused Arrested

Based on the complaint, the police filed an FIR against the accused under multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code, including Section 376 (rape), Section 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), Section 506 (criminal intimidation).

What is Digital Rape?

For the unversed, the term ‘digital rape’ in no way involves digital mediums and means. It means forced penetration with a victim using fingers or toes. Prior to 2013, digital rape did not fall under the scope of rape. However, after the gruesome Nirbhaya gang rape case, a slew of reforms were introduced in the country’s laws. This led to the broadening of scope of what ‘rape’ is perceived as.

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2-Year-Old Mumbai Girl Was ‘Digitally Raped’ by Father

There have been multiple cases that have ‘digital rape’ in the center of it. A 2-year-old girl in Mumbai was rushed to the hospital due to bleeding. During investigation, it was revealed that the girl’s private parts were ruptured. During the investigation, it was revealed that it was the girl’s father who had been penetrating the 2-year-old victim with his fingers.


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