As Noida’s Supertech twin towers demolished in 9 seconds earlier today, Twitter was flooded with memes and videos regarding the much-hyped incident. The project, which was earlier launched back in mid-2000s, fell like house of cards in a controlled explosion. It took the twin towers some nine seconds to turn into cloud of dust on Sunday afternoon. This comes after years legal battle between the builders and the residents in the towers, and those who lived around it.

The twin towers were laden over 3,500 kg of explosives ahead of the explosion. These explosives were set up into the 7,000 holes in the pillars and were connected to 20,000 circuits. Just to give reader’s a perspective, these explosives were equivalent to as many as 3 Agni-V missile warheads, or 12 Brahmos missile warheads, or 4 Prithvi missile warheads, India Today reported.

The demolition project was headed by veteran demolition experts who came together from across the world. The project was led by Mumbai-based Edifice Engineering, with an association from Jet Demolition, a South African company. Further, India’s own Central Building Research Institute also played a part in the project.

The twin towers – Ceyane (29 floors) and Apex (32 floors) were found to be violation of construction related regulations and court.

The Facts of the Matter

After years of legal battles between builders and residents, Noida’s Supertech Twin towers were demolished earlier today afternoon. The demolition is being touted as highest structure in India to be demolished ever.

On Sunday afternoon, as many as 61 floors of the Supertech Twin Towers, which touched the height of almost 100 meters, turned into a cloud of debris. The controlled explosion, which has a term called ‘implosion’, was equivalent to as many as 12 Brahmos missile warheads, lasted for 9 seconds.

Twitter Flooded with Memes, Videos

Following the development, netizens on Twitter had a field day and shared some funny memes and videos in-and-about the Supertech Twin Towers demolition.

Why Were Supertech Twin Towers Demolished?

Reportedly the Supertech Twin towers remained in violation of numerous building regulatory norms, the Supreme Court observed. The builder’s plan was to build 14 towers with 9 floors each. However, in 2012, a new plan was reinstated which stated that the twin towers will reach the height of 40 floors.

The matter came to the fore when the Resident Welfare Association of a society took to the Allahabad High Court and shared all the issues with the building’s construction. The court had back then ordered the demolition of the towers and refund of the payment of buyers.

However, the matter was then moved to the Supreme Court, and it was in 2021, when the Allahabad High Court’s decision was upheld by the Supreme Court.

Will Buyers of Home Get Refunds?

According to a Zee News report, the SC has ordered that the home buyers would receive full refund of the total amount deposited. Further, the top court asked an Interim Resolution Professional, to deposit Rs 1 crore with Supreme Court’s registry, as the builder faces insolvency proceedings.

Preparations Observed Ahead of Demolition

The demolition of the twin towers brought with it multiple challenges, including the impending issue of keeping pollution levels in check. To that extent, the authorities set up several dust machines near the demolition site to keep a check on the pollution levels.

Moreover, the authorities also set up a ‘green corridor’ in the event of any medical mishaps. Further, medical and logistical drills were conducted to make sure any unwarranted crisis could be dealt with.


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