In another shocking incident reported from Noida, a video has surfaced which shows a man brutally beat up a mall security guard carrying a gun. The man continues to thrash the guard until he bleeds from the face. While it is not clear what provoked such a reaction, netizens have been left outraged over the man’s shocking behaviour in public.

The video of the incident was shared by NDTV journalist Sanket Upadhyay who captioned the video with, “Guards Vs Rogues. This mall in Gr Noida is a disaster waiting to happen. 4-5 wine shops in a single mall allowed by the UP govt – just to increase state revenue. The same party takes a very rich position on wine shops in Delhi.”

Video taken from the incident shows a man repeatedly thrashing a security guard carrying a gun in his possession. Without any fear of the gun the guard is carrying, the young man gives the guard a chase, and again starts beating him up. The guard can be seen leaving the scene with blood dripping from his forehead.

The Noida police has not issued a statement regarding the matter, and it is yet to be ascertained what really caused the altercation.

Regions in NCR, such as Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, and others have reported similar incidents in the past.

The Facts of the Matter

Other than incidents of horrific crimes against women, regions in NCR have been witnessing a spike in two kinds of cases – pet dog attacks and incidents of clashes between locals and security guards. In 2022, several incidents of security guards being thrashed by locals from high-rise societies have been reported from areas in NCR such as Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurugram, and others. Such increase in incidents of clashes sheds light on the unchecked aggression in NCR locals, and how it spills in the form of sensless violence.

In yet another such incident, a video showing a man brutally beat up a Noida-based mall security guard, who is carrying a gun for his safety, has been making rounds of social media. It is not yet ascertained when the incident occurred, and what prompted the clash.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video shows a guard, with a gun in the hand, being repeatedly beaten up by a young man. Without any fear or concern for the gun the guard is carrying, the youth then chase the guard, grabs him by his clothes, and continues to pummel him down. Some people see the ruckus and intervene to save the guard. While it is not clear whether the intervention saved the guard from further beating, the next frame does show him leaving the scene with blood trickling down his head, and gun slung on his shoulder.

Watch the Video here (Viewer’s Discretion Advised):

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Incidents of NCR Security Guards Being Thrashed by Locals

The year 2022 showed similar incidents of security guards working in NCR being thrashed by locals for the most trivial of reasons.

Earlier in September this year, a woman was caught on cam slapping a security guard working at a high-rise residential building. The woman in question was reported to be a professor who was enraged that the guard was taking a lot of time to let her car enter the building.

Similarly, in Gurugram, a man assaulted a lift man and security guard of a residential building after he was rescued from the stuck elevator.


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