Only a few days after the daughter of Afghanistan’s envoy to Pakistan was abducted to be later recovered, Noor Mukadam, daughter of Pakistan’s envoy to South Korea, was murdered brutally on Tuesday night.

The incident is another flare up in the sequence of other incidents where India’s two neighbours are facing violence against the relatives of their respective diplomats.


On Tuesday night, the daughter of Pakistan’s envoy to South Korea was found brutally murdered in Pakistan’s Islamabad. The 27-year-old victim was found shot according to a Samaa TV report which gave reference to the police statement. The incident is one of the several past incidents where diplomats of India’s neighbours are being attacked or are facing the threats of being harmed by unidentified assailants.

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“Shot and slaughtered”: Noor Mukadam Murdered Brutally

As per the reports, Noor Mukadam – daughter of Shaukat Ali Mukadam – was found dead from a Islamabad based house. A Samma TV report claimed that Noor was “first shot and then slaughtered.”. The investigating officer was also quoted by the report saying that another person was injured in the attack.

Alleged Accused Caught

During the probe, the Islamabad police caught the accused Zahir Jaffer and arrested him. The Islamabad police took to Twitter and announced-

“A man named Zahir Jaffer, who was allegedly involved in the murder, was arrested on the spot and taken to the police station.”

A case against Zahir has been registered and the Islamabad police have initiated the investigation. The 27-year-old victim was the daughter to reputed Pakistani diplomat Shaukat Mukadam who served as envoy to South Korea and Kazakhstan.

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Pak Foreign Ministry Issues Statement

The news of the murder was confirmed by Mr. Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri, who serves as the spokesperson for the Pakistan’s Foreign Affairs ministry. Taking to Twitter, Chaudhri added the hashtag #JusticeforNoor and wrote, “Deeply saddened by the murder of the daughter of a senior colleague and former Ambassador of Pakistan. Heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and I hope the perpetrator of this heinous crime will be brought to justice.”

Accused Murdered Victim Due to “Break Up”, Son of Construction Company CEO

A Times Now report claims that the police arrested Zahir, who was the victim’s close friend and was allegedly involved in the crime. The alleged murderer is also being reported to be the son of a Chief Executive Officer of an Islamabad based construction company. While the motive of the crime is still not confirmed by authorities, media is claiming that Noor was murdered due to a break-up with the accused.

Reportedly, the crime was committed on Tuesday when the victim had gone to Zahir’s home. She was also not in contact with her father since Tuesday morning. Reports are also citing the police claiming that the alleged accused is a drug addict and suffers from psychological issues.

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The Case of Silsila Alikhil

The case of another attack on an envoy’s daughter comes after Silsila Alikhil, daughter of diplomat Najib Alikhil, who serves as the Afghanistan envoy to Pakistan was “abducted for several hours and severely tortured by unknown individuals on her way home”.

After the incident, the Afghanistan foreign affairs ministry issued a statement urging justice towards perpetrators and claimed that the security of Afghanistan diplomats in Pakistan have been tightened. Later, an investigation was carried by Pakistan whose conclusion was that there was no evidence of an abduction of the diplomat’s daughter.

Pakistan Denies Abduction Allegation

Pakistan’s interior minister, Sheikh Rashid, told reporters that more than 700 hours of CCTV footage was viewed by the investigators and added that over 200 taxis were searched. He further said that the claims by Afghanistan were made to “defame” Pakistan.

Sheikh Rashid also invited Silsila for further investigation and said-

“Pakistan will not back down from this case, even though there is a huge difference between her (claim) and our findings.”