A Congress MLA’s 17-yo shot himself and left a 2-page suicide note where he claimed he was ”not interested in living.” The deceased was identified as Vaibhav Yadav, son of Madhya Pradesh MLA Sanjay Yadav. The 17-year-old boy shot himself with a licensed revolver that was registered on his father’s name. During the preliminary investigation, the police found a 2-page suicide note where the boy didn’t blame anyone for the tragic step he took. His father Sanjay Yadav has contested from the Bargi assembly, a Jabalpur district’s constituency.


According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, suicides have been on its all-time high. In 2020, a year marked with COVID-19 pandemic, and the stress related issues due to the same, suicides rose to a sharp 10% increase to 1,53,052 cases. A more staggering figure comes in the form of youth suicides being the highest percentage at 21.20%. The increase has been the highest since 1982, when suicides rose to a 11.5% from 1981.

An equally alarming figure came in 2019 when 1.39 lakh Indians in the age group of 18-45 died due to suicide, as reported by the NCRB.

While several mental health awareness campaigns have tried normalizing seeking help from mental health professionals, suicide is still an issue that’s spoken less about and needs to be tackled head on.

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The Facts of the Matter

A tragedy struck at a Congress MLA’s home which is a gentle reminder that mental health can affect anyone, young or old, rich or poor. According to reports, 17-year-old Vaibhav Yadav shot himself using his father’s licensed revolver on November 11, Thursday. The young boy was a class 12th student.

Vaibhav Shot Self in Washroom, Had Gunshot Wound in Skull

Reportedly, the incident took place at around 4-4.30 PM in Jabalpur’s Gorakhpur area. According to the deceased boy’s family, he shot himself using his father’s weapon in the washroom. Vaibhav was soon rushed to the hospital with a severe gunshot wound in his skull. Within a few minutes of arrival in the hospital, the doctors already declared 17-year-old Vaibhav dead.

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“Don’t Mourn For My Death”: Suicide Note Found During Investigation

During the preliminary investigation, the police found a 2-page long suicide note. In the letter, Vaibhav said he was leaving to go close to his friend. However, the police is yet to ascertain who that friend of Vaibhav was. Further, Vaibhav also asked his mother and father to not mourn for the loss and claimed that he had lost interest and passion in living. He further apologized to his mother and father for the step he took.

MLA’s Son Killed Self to Meet Friend “Above”

According to a Dainik Bhaskar report, Vaibhav wrote the letter in Hinglish. In the letter, Vaibhav wrote that his mother, father, brother and all of his friends are really good. He added that he has no complaints from anyone. However, he added that his friend was all alone “above” and that he is going to him.

“I am committing a horrific act. I’ve still not grown into a mature person and killing myself for my own happiness. You will feel a lot of pain due to my act but try being happy. If there’s anything I’ve done unintentionally, please forgive me”, 17-year-old Vaibhav’s suicide letter read, as cited by Dainik Bhaskar.

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Vaibhav Apologized to Teachers, Relatives & Friends

Reportedly, Vaibhav also sent a goodbye message to all his friends. In the message, Vaibhav wrote how his friends were good and they must take care of themselves. He also apologized to his relatives and teachers. The suicide note will now be taken to a hand-writing expert for further analysis.