The Thai authorities have arrested a notorious female serial killer for murdering at least 13 people using cyanide since 2020. According to reports, the accused woman, identified as Sararat “Am” Rangsiwuthaporn, is married to a senior police officer and was arrested earlier on Tuesday, following a tedious and thorough investigation carried out by the Thai police regarding her connection to several deaths under suspicious circumstances.

The victims included her former partner and two female police officers, whose lives were cruelly snuffed out by the accused killer. Reports suggest that Sararat may have used money as a motive for her murderous rampage, but authorities have also revealed that she has a history of psychiatric issues, raising questions about her state of mind at the time of the alleged crimes.

A chilling picture has emerged of a cold and calculating killer, one who left no stone unturned in her quest to take the lives of those closest to her. Police investigators have widened their probe to cover 13 suspicious deaths dating back to 2020, and are urging the public to come forward with any information that may assist them in their investigations.

The accused has denied all allegations of wrongdoing, but authorities have collected damning evidence against her, including fingerprints and other forensic evidence recovered from her Toyota Forerunner.

The Facts of the Matter

A shocking and disturbing case has emerged in Thailand, as police investigate a woman accused of committing a spate of cyanide poisoning murders. Sararat Rangsiwuthaporn, the wife of a senior police officer, was arrested on Tuesday over nine alleged murders which occurred over several years. But now, the number of victims has risen to a staggering 13, with police charging Sararat with premeditated murder.

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Money Common Thread Between Victims

Among the 13 victims, each had a connection to the accused and money seemed to be a common thread in each case. From police officers to teachers and vendors, they all entrusted large sums of money to Am’s “kitty purse,” only to end up dead shortly after.

Even an investment in an online shop on TikTok with the accused killer led to a woman’s death. The victims were from various provinces across Thailand, spanning from as far south as Phetchaburi to the Isaan province of Mukdaharn.

Thai Serial Killer Pregnant

During routine health checks in prison, the Department of Corrections confirmed that Sararat is four months pregnant and experiencing stress, blurry eyes, and headaches. Investigators have interviewed her police officer husband and other witnesses. The investigation is ongoing, and the police are still collecting evidence and questioning potential witnesses.

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One Victim Narrowly Escaped Death

One person narrowly escaped death after vomiting up poisoned food, which was laced with a herb. The suspect had lured this victim into eating the poisonous meal, and the victim collapsed 20 minutes later. This chilling detail adds to the sensational and disturbing nature of this case.

For the unversed, cyanide can be detected in corpses several months after death, and the poison starves the body’s cells of oxygen, which can induce heart attacks.

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Accused Refuses Allegations, Denied Bail

Sararat has refuted all accusations against her, and her legal representative has alleged that her blood pressure spiked to a range of 170-220 while being held in custody. The authorities are interrogating Sararat’s former spouse, who is a law enforcement official, and her sibling, who is a pharmacist.

The Criminal Court of Thailand has rejected the request for bail and granted a detention order for Sararat lasting from April 26 to May 7. During this time, the tribunal will interview ten witnesses and scrutinize the post-mortem report of the most recent victim.


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