One of the key factors that make up OTT platforms and web series interesting is how unrestricted they are. But this will soon be a thing of the past. The government now will decide the limits of OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime among other key players, when it comes to the content.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar said that the government would soon issue guidelines for the regulation of OTT platforms which would address issues like sensitive content and said that a lot of suggestions and complaints had been received on it. 

Are the Directions and guidelines ready for OTT? Are the limits ready?

To that, the directions and guidelines are almost ready. Prakash Javadekar said in his brief presentation that “for regulation purposes, the guidelines and directions are almost ready. Those will be implemented soon.”

Mahesh Podda, a BJP person, when asked about OTT, he said in Zero Hour, that “The language as well as the content on the OTT platforms are discriminatory and offensive.”  

He further added that the objectionable content on such platforms includes sex discrimination and abusive language and the government should implement internet rules without delay.

At least 40 OTT platforms, including global ones such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hotstar (Disney Plus), and hundreds of news content websites are under the radar of the Government.

Javadekar said, “This is an important issue. We get a lot of suggestions and complaints. Guidelines and directions are almost ready. It will be implemented soon.”

The government put OTT platforms on the online platform under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and in November 2020, giving them powers to regulate policies and instructions for digital freedom & space.

Thousands of Calls have been made to regulate wildly popular platforms after a row over two series on Amazon Prime – “Tandav” and “Mirzapur”.

The makers of a political thriller “Tandav” starring Saif Ali Khan and Dimple Kapadia, were forced to drop some parts after allegations of hurting sentiments.

At least three cases were registered against the makers and actors of “Tandav” for their portrayal of UP policemen, deities, and a character who played the Prime Minister on the show.

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