In June 2019, Nusrat Jahan married Nikhil Jain in Turkey, however the couple divorced in November 2020. Nusrat then disclosed that her marriage to Nikhil was illegal in India.

Nusrat Jahan stated that she was “Mistakenly Depicted”

Nusrat Jahan, an actor and politician, has spoken out about her marriage to businessman Nikhil Jain, claiming that she was “mistakenly depicted.” In 2019, the two married in Turkey. In June, she stated that their marriage was unconstitutional under Indian law and that they could only be termed a live-in relationship. Nusrat Jahan’s social media photos showing beau Yash Dasgupta may have put some who were skeptical about their supposed relationship to rest, but the debate over her marriage to Nikhil Jain rages on.

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Nusrat did not Portray anyone Directly

“They didn’t pay for my wedding, they didn’t pay for the hotel costs,” Nusrat told media  about the controversy. I’m not required to speak to them. I am truthful. I was misrepresented, and now I’ve corrected it.” Without identifying names, she stated that it was simple to hold others accountable and that she did not portray anyone in a negative way.

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Nusrat Marriage was Null and Void

Nusrat earlier stated that her marriage to Nikhil was null and void due to the lack of registration under the Special Marriage Act. Even after their divorce, she accused him of misusing her cash.

Nikhil States Nusrat’s Statement Baseless

Nikhil disputed the accusations, calling them “baseless, insulting, and false.” “After we married, to relieve her of the hefty interest burden of a home loan, I had it dissolved by transferring money from my banking accounts to her account, with the idea that she would return the cash in instalments as and when they became available.” Any money transfers from her account to my family account were repayments of the loan that I had given in good faith. “A significant amount is still owed,” he added in a statement. He further stated that she refused to register their marriage despite his numerous requests.

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Nusrat and Yash’s Mutual Decision

When Nusrat Jahan told him she was pregnant, Yash Dasgupta said it was their “joint decision” to keep the baby. Yash told the media that he wanted the baby but left the ultimate decision to Nusrat. “I didn’t flinch when she told me. I just asked her if she wanted to go ahead with it. It’s not my body — it’s hers. She needed to decide. I told her I’d never leave her.