In Odisha, a ‘Dhoom-style’ robbery was witnessed at a school with thieves writing “catch me if you an”, “Dhoom 4” on the blackboard, and scrawling multiple phone numbers as well. The incident was reported from Odisha’s Nabarangpur and occurred earlier on Friday last week.

The thieves, appearing to be ‘Dhoom’ franchise fans, robbed several computers and Xerox machines. To add some more thrill in the mischief, the thieves went on issuing a challenge to the local police. Along with scrawling phone number, the thieves also wrote, “we will return” and “coming soon”, indicating that there may be more such incidents.

The incident was brought to the fore after the staff of the school discovered about the robbery. When the staff of the Indravati project high school, located in Odisha’s Nabarangpur district opened up, they found that the lock of the headmaster’s room was broken. Thereafter, they found computers, printer, photocopier, sound box, and even the weighing machine missing.

Earlier in May this year, another mysterious incident regarding a school was reported when the word “sorry” was found written in red paint all over school walls and streets nearby.

Meanwhile, in October 2021, thieves who tried to rob an MP official’s houseleft a rather shocking note after not finding much to steal. “Paise nahi they toh lock nahi karna thaa, (if there wasn’t money in the house, you shouldn’t have locked it)”, the note read.

The Facts of the Matter

While robbery is one of the most horrific acts of crime a person can commit, there are robberies that end on a funny and in the case of a school in Odisha, on a mysterious note. Recently, a gang of unidentified thieves stole multiple appliances from a school, and left behind a series of clues, and an indication that there may be more such incidents in store.

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Peon Finds Out About Robbery

The incident was brought to the fore earlier on Saturday morning when the school’s peon was startled to find out the main gate of the school broken. As the headmaster arrived on being alerted about the ordeal, he realized that further shocks awaited him.

Multiple Appliances, Gadgets Stolen

The school staff found out that the lock of the headmaster’s office also broken. On entering the office, the staff found that the thieves had stolen computers, xerox machine, printer, sound box, and weighing machine missing.

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“Its me Dhoom 4”

But the simple shock of a robbery intensified multifold when the staff observed a blackboard on which the thieves threw a challenge to the local police. On the blackboard, the robbers wrote, “Its me Dhoom 4. Coming soon”.

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Thieves write, “We will return”, List of Phone Numbers

The robbers also wrote, “Catch me if you can” and “we will return”, making a mockery of the local administration. Further, they also scrawled down number of phone numbers on the blackboard, in an attempt to either give clues to the police or misdirect them.

When the police called one of the numbers, it was revealed that the number belonged to a school teacher. When the school teacher was interrogated, he revealed not knowing how or why his number landed on the blackboard.


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