In a bittersweet incident reported from Odisha, a family reportedly organized an elaborate funeral for their pet dog ‘Anjali’ and bit her a tearful farewell one last time. The incident was reported from Odisha’s Gajapati and the pet dog in question, Anjali, died at 17.

The funeral was taken out by a man identified as Tunu Gouda who met Anjali some 16 years back. Gouda mentioned how he had adopted several dogs; it was Anjali that brought him good fortunes.

According to ANI, Anjali passed away earlier on Monday this week at around 7 am. Although the family called veterinary doctor, it was too late and Anjali couldn’t be saved. Following her demise, the family decided to hold the funeral as per Hindu rituals and traditions. A video of the funeral was also shared by ANI on Twitter.

The video showed a jeep-like vehicle decorated by sting of different coloured flowers. Anjali’s portrait was at the centre of the vehicle’s windshield and garlands were tied around the picture as well. As the vehicle moved, traditional musical instruments can also be heard playing in honour of the canine.

The news comes just days after a similar development was reported from Uttar Pradesh. As many as 500 mourners recently came to the ‘tehrvi’ of a rooster who died saving goat from stray dogs.

The Facts of the Matter

For centuries, dogs have proven themselves as the best friend of humans. They protect us, defend us if needed, and shower us with never-stopping affection. In return, some people try going out of their way to honour and appreciate these paww-some beings.

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Odisha Family Organizes Funeral for “Anjali”

In one such development, a family in Odisha recently organized an elaborate funeral for their pet dog ‘Anjali’. According to reports, the incident was reported from Odisha’s Gajapati district and occurred earlier this week.

Anjali had Stopped Eating

Reportedly, Anjali was a desi breed of dog, and lived with 50-year-old Tunu Gouda. She had been with him for the last 16-years. On Monday, at around 7 am, she passed away. While doctors were brought in, she couldn’t be saved. Anjali had stopped eating food, prompting Gouda to call the veterinary.

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Family Holds Traditional Funeral for Anjali

To honour her memory, Tunu Gouda decided to hold a traditional funeral, which is usually reserved for humans. A TOI report quoted Gouda claiming how besides his own mother, several other residents of his locality were affectionate towards Anjali, and hence, joined the funeral despite the incessant rains.

Reportedly Gouda and his family attended the funeral where Anjali was bid a tearful goodbye as per Hindu tradition. Moreover, following the same tradition, the family will also organize a community meal on the 12th day of Anjali’s passing.

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Anjali Brought Fortunes to Owner

Gouda also mentioned how he met multiple dogs over the course of years, and adopted many of them. It was only Anjali that brought him good fortunes and how his financial condition improved after Anjali’s arrival.

On social media, video of Anjali’s funeral procession have gone viral. In one of the videos, one can see a vehicle carrying Anjali’s body. The vehicle is covered with garland of different-coloured flowers. On the centre of the windshield, the portrait of the canine can be seen, with garlands hung around it.

Watch Video of Anjali’s Funeral Here:


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