A heartbreaking incident was reported from Odisha earlier this week where a father was reported to have abandoned his newborn baby as the baby was born with both private parts.

Meanwhile, the mother of the baby has been reported to have made a resolution of raising the baby born with the rare genetically condition. The woman is willing to sacrifice her marriage with her husband who abandoned her and their baby, if that is what it takes for her to raise the baby.

According to an IndiaTimes report, Tapan Baral and Snehalata Baral from Odisha’s Jeypore district welcomed their baby earlier on April 10 in a Jajpur based private nursing home. However, realizing that their baby has ambiguous genitalia, Tapan Baral ditched the baby and the baby’s mother.

A Hindu report stated that Tapan wanted the baby to be put in a shelter home. However, his wife resolved that come what may, but she will not be parting with her baby. Even after having the ever-so-painful cesarean section, she left her in-law’s home and decided to stay at her maternal place.

The Facts of the Matter

The birth of a child is a biological miracle. During the 9 months of having the baby in her womb, a mother has little control over some features of their new-born, such as their gender, their genetic makeup, and more.

However, there are some people who consider this almost like a shopping a packet of chips in the market. And if they don’t get the packet of chips that they are okay with, they end up leaving the situation, showing what they are truly made of.

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Shocking Story of Father Who Abandoned Newborn Baby

In Odisha a similar incident transpired where a father reportedly abandoned his new-born infant after knowing that the baby was born with private parts of both man and woman. The incident was brought to light after members of district’s transgender community visited hospital and checked up on the newborn baby and mother.

Mother Takes Empowering Stance for Child

According to a TOI report, the baby’s father, Tapan Baral, wanted to give away the baby to a shelter home after realizing that the baby was born with private parts of both male and female.  However, the mother Snehlata stood up for the baby and herself, and declared that she won’t be parting with the baby. The mother’s husband and in-laws abandoned the baby and has since not visited the baby or its mother.

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Transgender Association President Makes Appeal

Meanwhile, earlier on Thursday, a Transgender association president appealed to the baby’s family to accept the baby and treat it with love and affection. “I appeal to the family members to accept the baby and raise it with love and affection. The baby should not suffer like us,” the president of the Jajpur Transgender Association was quoted saying.

Jajpur Collector Swings into Action

After the incident was brought to light, the Jajpur administration swung into an action. Jajpur collector Chakravarti Singh Rathore was quoted in a New Indian Express report saying, “I have asked the district child protection officer to resolve the misunderstanding between the couple through counselling. The Child Welfare Committee has also been directed to address financial problem of the baby’s mother and other constraints faced by the couple for treatment of the newborn.

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What is Ambiguous genitalia?

For the unversed Ambiguous genitalia is a rare condition and not a disease. In this condition, an infant’s external genitals don’t appear to be clearly of a male or female. In such a condition, the infant’s genitals are either incompletely developed or have characteristics of both the sexes.


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