In a baffling turn-of-events, a man in Odisha was recently bitten by Cobra. However, the man had the last laugh as he took revenge on the serpent by biting it back to death. It should be noted that there’s lack of clarity as to how the man survived without receiving prompt treatment. Either the man was bitten by a non-venomous snake, and not a Cobra as per his claims, or the cobra left him with a ‘dry bite’.

The survivor from Odisha has been identified as Salim Nayak and the incident was reported from Balasore district’s Darda village and occurred earlier on Wednesday this week. Reportedly, Salim was working in a field when a snake, a Cobra as per his claims, bit him on his leg.

While any sane person would seek prompt treatment, Nayak swam against the tide and started looking for the serpent that bit him. Somehow, Nayak found a snake, which he thought had bitten him earlier. Shockingly enough, he started biting the snake and eventually killed him in process.

He did not stop at this. Salim then picked up the dead body of the snake, wrapped it around his neck, and traveled across the village on his bicycle.

Earlier in August, a 2-year-old Turkish girl took a similar revenge and bit a snake that had earlier bitten her.

The Facts of the matter

Revenge is a dish best serve cold, and in the case of Salim Nayak, best served bitten into. The Odisha-based man took the most shocking revenge at a snake that allegedly bit him. Instead of having the snake caught by forest officials, or raising an alert about the same, the man bit the snake to death.

The incident was reported from Balasore district’s Darda village and occurred earlier on Wednesday.

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Odisha Man Gets Bitten by Snake

According to reports, Salim Nayak was going on about his day and was working in a field. This was when he was bitten by a snake on his leg. Any normal person would simply take to the local medic or health care centre for a treatment.

Search for Sneaky Snake

However, Salim Nayak chose to retaliate. The Odisha-based man responded to fangs with teeth. In a fit of rage, Salim started looking for the snake. In a nearby field, Nayak saw a Cobra, which as per his claims, had bitten him.

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Taking Revenge, Killing Snake

After he found the snake, he grabbed it and bit it all over the body, and in the process, killed him. While one would assume that this is where the Salim Nayak’s madness would stop, he went a few steps further.

He tied the snake’s lifeless body around his neck, got on his bicycle, and rod it all around his village. In an India Times report, he was quoted saying, “While I was cutting grass in the field the snake bit me on my leg, I caught hold of it in my fist and bit it on its neck. We don’t cremate so I am going to bury it.”

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Similar Incident Occurred in Turkey

It should be noted that this is not the first time a snake faced the wrath of a human. Earlier in July, we reported about a 2-year-old girl in Turkey getting bitten by a non-venomous snake, and then biting it to death.


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