A “tantrik” in Odisha reportedly raped a woman for as many as 79 days in front of the woman’s minor son. The woman was recently rescued by the police, following which the incident received media attention. The incident was reported from Balasore district, Odisha and was reported on Saturday. The police rescued the woman from the accused “tantrik’s” home. The accused meanwhile had already fled the scene and is still on large.

According to reports, the woman had gotten married in 2017 and was subjected to mental and physical torture by her in-laws over dowry. The woman in her complaint alleged that her in-laws had forced her to reside with the accused “tantrik” who had assured the in-laws that he will make sure to resolve the marital discord between the victim and her husband.

The victim resisted to the idea, and was sedated by her in-laws. She found herself at the house of the “tantrik” with her 2-and-a-half-year-old son with her. Over the course of the next few weeks, the woman alleged that the accused raped her in front of her minor son.

In her FIR, the woman has mentioned her in-laws, and her husband, along with the “tantrik”. No arrests have been made so far.

The Facts of the Matter

In Odisha’s Balasore district, the police rescued a middle-aged woman who was allegedly raped for 79 days by a “tantrik” in front of her minor son on Friday. The victim is currently in the hospital where her health is reported to be stable, meanwhile the accused “tantrik” is still at large, having fled his house, where he had kept the victim.

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Woman’s In-Laws Force her to Live with Tantrik

According to the complainant woman, she got married to her husband in 2007 and was subjected to physical and mental harassment by her in-laws over dowry. Meanwhile, a tantrik had assured the in-laws that he would resolve the marital discord, and asked the in-laws to have the woman stay with him for a few months.

Victim finds herself and Son at Tantrik’s Room

Reluctant to the whole idea, the victim resisted the plan. However, her mother-in-law sedated her and she found herself in the tantrik’s home after she regained consciousness. She also found her two-and-a-half-year-old son at the same place.

Horror That Went On for 79 Days

For the next 79 days, the tantrik repeatedly raped her in front of her son, the victim alleged. The vicious cycle could have continued, had it not been for the woman’s alertness. Earlier on April 28, she realized that the tantrik had left his phone in the room.

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How the Woman Got Rescued Finally

The woman immediately called her parents and gave a retelling of the horrors she witnessed. The parents of the victim took to the police and earlier on Friday, the woman was rescued. It should be noted that the tantrik had already made a run for it before the police could reach and nab him.

A case under IPC Section 376 (punishment for rape), and other relevant sections has been filed against the accused. So far, no arrests have been made in the matter.

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“Tantriks” Continue Causing Nuisance Across Nation

It should be noted that self-proclaimed healers and mystic continue to trigger alarming number of incidents every year. Earlier last year, a ‘healer’ in Karnataka, brutally thrashed a woman on her head and her entire lower body as a “cure” for her headache. Reportedly, the woman tragically died due to the brutal thrashing she received.

Similarly, in Ahmedabad, a man was duped of a whopping Rs. 94 lakhs by a “tantrik” who promised that money will “rain” on him if he continues paying him.


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