In a shocking incident reported from Odisha, a youth was reportedly tied to a scooter & dragged for 2 km as ‘punishment’ for failing to payback Rs 1,500. The victim, identified as Jagannath Behera, suffered the horrific humiliation earlier on Sunday.

The accused Husen & Chhotu, tied his hands with a 12-feet rope, and its other end was tied to a two-wheeler. What followed next was a humiliating ordeal where Jagannath was dragged from Stuartpatna Square to Sutahat Square. The entire ordeal took place over a path of about 2-km and went on for twenty minutes.

Cuttack DCP Pinak Mishra gave more details regarding the incident and was quoted in a TOI report saying, “Jagannath Behera had borrowed Rs 1500 from Husen a month ago. He was unable to repay. To press him to repay the money, Husen and Chhotu tied him at the back of a scooter and made him run.”

Reports have quoted sources claiming that although cops were present at the Chandi Mandir Chowk, they chose to ignore the incident and failed to intervene. The accused were booked under multiple sections of IPC, including wrongful confinement, abduction, attempt to murder, and common intention.

Earlier in 2021, a tribal man was dragged by a pick-up truck and dragged around in Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh similarly.

The Facts of the Matter

In a horrific incident of human rights abuse, a youth in Odisha was tied to a scooter and dragged for over 2 km over the trivial matter of not being able to payback Rs 1,500. The incident was reported from Sutahat area in Odisha, and occurred earlier on Sunday evening. After the video of the Odisha youth being dragged by a scooter went viral, the accused in the matter were arrested.

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Victim had Borrowed Money for Grandfather’s Funeral

According to reports, the victim, Jagannath Behera, had borrowed Rs 1,500 from SK Husen about a month ago on the promise of returning it after 30 days. As Jagannath was unable to repay, the accused decided to “punish” him. The accused in the matter were identified as Husen and Chhotu. Jagannath had reportedly borrowed Rs 1,500 for his grandfather’s last rites.

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The Horrific ‘Punishment’

The accused tied Jagannath’s hands with a 12 feet long rope, and the rope’s other end was attached to a two-wheeler. The accused then made the victim run behind the scooter all the way from Stuartpatna Square to Sutahat Square. The victim covered a distance of over two kilometers which took him about 20 minutes to cover.

The victim was rescued after some locals intervened in the mater. Meanwhile, some locals who took the video of the incident shared it online, and soon inhumane treatment subjected on Jagannath, went viral on social media.

Watch the Video here:

The matter soon came to the police’s notice at around 11 pm on Sunday night. The accused were later arrested under multiple sections of IPC, including Sections 342 (wrongful confinement), 307 (attempt to murder), 367 (abduction), and more.

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Cops Saw The Ordeal, Didn’t Act: Locals

Some reports have quoted sources mentioning that across the two-kilometer stretch where the victim was forced to run, some cops saw the ordeal, but chose to not act on it. The police have took cognizance of the speculation, and are now questioning the constables who were on duty. The accused’s scooter was seized as well.


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