A few days after Amazon founder scripted history by taking the second-ever private spaceflight, an old video of people laughing at Jeff Bezos passionately talking about space travel has gone viral. The video is from 2000 when Jeff is talking to legendary talk show host Charlie Rose about his entrepreneurial ambitions. The two-decade old video can be used as a source of inspiration to never give up amid public scrutiny or embarrassment.


Achieving dreams is directly proportional to the magnitude and the significance of the dream. The larger the dream, the more variables come in picture that need to be fulfilled. Dreams of achieving wealth, or a higher status can take years of perseverance. But what about a dream of going to space? While most people would dismiss such an aspiration, calling it a ‘day dream’, there are those who go on to achieve them.

Visionary entrepreneur Jeff Bezos is one such man. The billionaire founder of the largest e-commerce platform in the world Amazon recently made buzz when he was shot in the space and took the world’s second ever private space flight. He was neck-to-neck with another flamboyant entrepreneur – Richard Branson, in the private-spaceflight-race.

However, Bezos came second in the race and recently took to space with his brother Mark, aviation pioneer Wally Funk, and teenager Oliver Daemen on the Blue Origin spacecraft. Bezos made his dream come true by selling off billions of dollars’ worth of stock to fund the space-exploration company called Blue Origin.

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Bezos Spoke about His Space Dreams 21-years-ago

Although his dream came true earlier last week, Bezos was persevering towards his goals for the greater part of the last two decades. If we talk more precisely, than it was 21 years ago when he first spoke about his dream to legendary talk-show host Charlie Rose. Interestingly enough, the audience in the interview was laughing as Bezos spoke passionately about his space dreams.

“If I could do anything, I’d like to…”

Bezos shared the details of aspiring to go to space when Charlie asked him what would be doing, had he not been serving as e-commerce giant Amazon’s CEO. To this Bezos replied-

“If I could do anything – and it turns out this is a very hard technical problem – so I don’t actually hold out great hopes. But if I could do anything, I’d like to go help explore space.”

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Jeff Bezos’ Prophecy for Himself

The reply by Bezos caught Charlie Rose off guard who looked visibly gob smacked and after a second asked him to elaborate further.

“How would you go about it if you’re doing this”,

Charlie asked Bezos. Bezos – who didn’t know he would be fulfilling his vision 2 decades later, prophesied his future and said-

“The picture I have is that I would get into a rocket ship, go up into the space, and go check out a few things.”

Audience Laughs at Bezos

This reply shocked the audience, who for the lack of a better response started laughing. Hearing the laughter, and seeing Charlie looking shocked, Bezos again reiterated how challenging the task is and said-

“This is why I mentioned earlier that this is a very hard technical problem,”

with the crowed laughing again.

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“Who knows, 20-years-from-now…” Another foreshadowing from Bezos

Charlie Rose continued with the conversation and told Bezos that maybe if he puts his mind into the task, he could in future do this and added how “board of directors and stock owners may not be happy”. To this Bezos reiterated how difficult the prospect of a non-astronomer taking a private flight to space is.

“Its very hard, you know? So, who knows 20-years-from-now there are some significant changes in the technology maybe such things would be easier.”

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