In an ‘OMG!’ moment, a German woman somehow mistook a lift for a parking spot, and plunged her smart car some 35 ft down the shaft. The incident was reported from Stuttgart, Germany and occurred earlier on Saturday last week. Miraculously, despite being in the car which plunged down 35 ft, the woman survived the ordeal and lived to tell the tale.

Those who drive cars know just how frustrating it can be to find the appropriate parking spot for their car. However, the German woman’s frustration turned into sheer horror when she somehow mistook a lift for a parking spot in an underground parking area.

Thanking her lucky stars, the woman somehow parked her car in the elevator shaft, thinking that it was actually a parking spot. Her relief turned into a nightmare when the elevator doors pried open and sent her a hair-raising 35ft vertical drop the lift shaft.

The car landed upside down on top of the lift, pushing the woman in a state of absolute disarray. Somehow, the woman was able to gather her wits and freed herself to call for firefighters.

Eventually, two firefighters rappelled down the lift, strapping the woman to a stretcher and pulled her out of the real-life nightmare she found herself in.

The Facts of the Matter

Imagine being in car, wasting a lot of time looking for a perfect parking spot for your car. You are late for the movie, and around you, almost all the parking spots are taken. Suddenly, you see a shaft, which looks like a nice spot for you. “This will do”, you say, and approach the spot before it is taken.

To your horror, as you park your car, you realize that the parking spot is actually an elevator.

Something eerily similar happened to a woman in Germany recently, who was thrown into a 35ft vertical drop after she mistook an elevator for parking space.

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Woman Mistakes Elevator to Parking Spot

The 38-year-old German woman in question was searching for a nice spot to park her smart car. As she approached a familiar looking spot, she was thrown into a dizzying 35ft down an elevator shaft. The woman, who thought that it was a parking spot realized that this was no place for a car to be.

The Miraculous Survival

The elevator’s doors pried open and threw her some 10-meters down the shaft. The smart car fell upside down on top of the lift. While something like this may have caused drastic injuries to the driver, the woman was fortunate to have survived the ordeal unscathed.

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The Rescue & The Aftermath

Somehow, she freed herself and quickly called local firefighters for rescue. Soon, two firefighters showed up and rappelled down the lift. They strapped the female driver to a stretcher they had brought, and got her out of the hellish nightmare she found herself in.

To prevent such mishaps, firefighters blocked the lift door with wood – giving ample hints to anyone who may mistake it again for being a parking spot. The lift too was taken out of service.

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“No idea…”: Woman Remains Puzzled at Mistake

A LADBible report quoted the woman driver in question saying, “I have no idea how that could have happened. Physically, I’m fine again.” Meanwhile, fire rescue organisation’s public relation officer issued a statement that read – “After being rescued from the elevator shaft, the person was handed over to the rescue service and taken to a hospital for further treatment.”


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