In a part-shocking, part-funny incident caught on cam, a thief in Jabalpur was seen praying at a temple before stealing the donation box. Further, the thief has been labelled ‘high-profile’ by the local media, as he came to the temple in a hatchback. However, it has not been confirmed whether the hatchback was stolen or not.

The theft reportedly took place earlier on Monday this week, sometime around 2 am, at the Hanuman Temple located in Jabalpur’s Gaur Chowki. The morning after theft, a visitor came to the temple, and sensed something awry, only to find out that the donation box was stolen. The incident occurred a night before Diwali, when the entire temple was being prepared for the Diwali festivities and rituals.

It should be noted that the incident is shockingly similar to what transpired way back in August this year. At Jabalpur’s Sukha village, a thief decamped with donation box and valuables, but not before he bowed down before the deity and prayed for the sins he was to commit. The man’s actions were caught on CCTV, however, as the thief’s face was covered, the police were not able to identify him.

Similarly, earlier in 2021 in Maharashtra, a thief was caught praying to God on camera before stealing the Rs 1000 kept in donation box.

The Facts of the Matter

While thieves are stereotyped as being evil, selfish and ruthless, there are times when they are anything but evil. Some thieves are so honest and pious, they even make it a point to pray before committing the theft. This is especially true in India where a man’s desperation for money is far greater than his fear of God.

In one such incident, a thief was caught on CCTV, bowing before the God at a temple and praying. What made the case even more surprising, is the fact that the said thief came to the temple in a white-coloured hatchback.

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What Does the Video Show?

The incident was reported from a Hanuman Temple located in Jabalpur’s Gaur Chowki and occurred earlier on Monday, the night before Diwali celebrations. The incident caught on CCTV shows the thief driving to the temple in a hatchback, getting inside the temple with folded hands, apologizing to the God, and then stealing the donation box.

Watch Video here:

As per an NDTV report, the police are currently on the lookout for an accused with a similar wristwatch on the hand. The accused thief had also left his slippers in the temple.

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Similar Incident Happened in Jabalpur in August

It should be noted that the incident bears a striking similarity to a similar case of theft in Jabalpur reported earlier in August. In that particular case of theft, a thief covered his face with a cloth, entered a Lakshmi temple, and folded his hands to offer prayers. The man’s actions were again caught on CCTV. The accused thief fled with a donation box and some other valuables.


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