Captain extraordinaire Virat Kohli had a tense moment on Day 4 of 1st test when he lashed out on Indian umpire Nitin Menon and was heard saying “Oye Menon kya hai ye!” on the stump mic. Soon, the video of Kohli’s animated behavior surfaced on Twitter and the video has gone viral since.   Virat Kohli is a player known for his ‘never say never’ attitude. He is known for his graceful batting style and his equally aggressive captainship style which has led India to win series against every single team that plays today. But there’s another attribute he is mighty famous for, his on-field aggression due to which he is seen taking a stand for himself and his team in the most animated of ways.  Indian fans witnessed the same during the 4th Day of the 1st Test against the England team when Kohli noticed the opposition batsmen running on the pitch. Kohli addressed the issue by calling out the on-field umpire Nitin Menon to make the umpire take note of the incident.  Kohli complained to umpire Menon about the England batsmen by saying “Oye, Menon, seedhe run bhi beech me bhaag raha hai yaar (he’s running runs in the middle of pitch), kya hai ye (What is this)?”   Watch the video here: 

The day after the heated moment, Kohli’s video of his behaviour surfaced on Twitter and soon set the social media platform ablaze. Virat Kohli on Tuesday after the match spoke to reporters and admitted how the Indian team’s poor body language was why the team suffered the massive 227-run defeat against England. The captain also noted how in the second innings Indian team was much better.  Here is what Kohli said in the post-match interview “Our body language and intensity was not up to the mark, second innings we were much better. We were better in the second half of the first innings with the bat, not the first four batters.”  Kohli also highlighted that the team needs to assess what it did right and where the team could have done better. “We have to understand the things that we have done decently in this game and the things that we haven’t and as a side we are always looking to improve. England was far more professional and consistent throughout the Test match than we were,” Kohli said.  Talking a second to talk about the match, India was pushed in the corner by Team England all throughout the game. Joe Root’s England team set a record target of 420 runs for India to chase to go one up against the visitors in the 4-Test series. Kohli in the fourth inning fought like a lone wolf and scored 72 runs.  Indian openers Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane and Cheteshwar Pujara looked to be lost of their form and failed to get winds behind their backs. The silver lining came in the form of young Shubham Gill’s batting opening performance but that was never enough for team India. Veteran bowler Anderson picked three wickets along with other England bowlers who joined the party to bowl India out for a paltry 192 runs.  Also read: “Mera naam hai Washington, mereko jana hai DC” Rishabh Pant’s behind the stump song goes viral