Recently, a landlady in Pakistan married her domestic help and further compared herself to Katrina Kaif and her husband to Salman Khan. The landlady in question was identified as Nazia and her newly wedded husband was identified as Sufiyan.

The fascinating story of the unique couple was brought to the fore thanks to Pakistani YouTube creator Syed Basit Ali, who interviewed the couple. While the video was shared a few months back, it’s only recently that the media discovered the couple and shared their unique journey.

According to reports, Nazia is a resident in Islamabad and had been living alone as she had no family or relatives with her. Living alone can be a tiresome ordeal, and she decided to hire a house help. This was when some people told her about Sufiyan.

Assured with appropriate references, she hired Sufiyan for a salary of Rs. 18,000 a month. When Syed asked Sufiyan whether he ever thought that her “mistress” would become her wife, he replied that he had no inkling about what the future had in store for him.

Nazia told Syed that she’s extremely pleased with Sufiyan as her husband. She mentioned that Sufiyan attends to all her needs and has a clear thinking. She further compared him to Katrina Kaif, and like a good husband, Sufiyan compared her to Katrina Kaif.

The Facts of the Matter

Love transcends all boundaries, time, space, and in the case of Nazia and Sufiyan – profession and societal norms. The Pakistan-based couple is making the buzz due to their unique love story. According to reports, Nazia recently married Sufiyan, who was initially hired by her as a domestic help for a salary of Rs. 18,000 per month.

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“Love doesn’t see…”

While asked about the differences between her and her husband, Nazia said, “I’m often asked why did I marry him, as there are so many men in the world. But you know, love doesn’t see skin complexion, financial standing, age difference.”

In her interview to Pakistan YouTuber, Syed Basit Ali, Islamabad-resident Nazia said that she used to love by herself as she had no family or relatives to live with. As she needed someone to do trivial household chores, and other domestic activities, she decided to hire a domestic help.

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Hiring Domestic Help & Future Husband

Some people gave reference of Sufiyan to her. Assured by the references, she hired Sufiyan for a monthly pay of Rs. 18,000. When asked whether he had any idea that his “mistress” would turn into his wife in future, Sufiyan said, “I had no inkling about it, even my soul was unaware of what the future held”.

What Attracted Nazia to Sufiyan

Speaking to the interviewer, Nazia explained that during Sufiyan’s time with her, she started gradually liking his mannerisms, his simplicity, demeanor and broad mindedness.

Without wasting a lot of time, Nazia decided to pop the question to her domestic help and proposed him for wedding. Shockingly enough, Sufiyan fainted on being proposed but later told her, “i love you, too”.

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Comparison to Salman Khan – Katrina Kaif

Going on about her relationship with Sufiyan, Nazia said that she is extremely happy with a husband who doubles as a valuable person in house. She claimed that Sufiyan happily tends to her when she’s sick, gets her medicine, and cooks for her.

The unique couple also compared themselves to two Bollywood celebrities. While, Nazia compared her husband to Salman Khan, Sufiyan obliged by comparing his wife to Katrina Kaif.


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