Police have apprehended a Pakistani Woman and her four children who were unlawfully residing in Greater Noida. Investigations have revealed that the local man who was housing them had contacted the woman through the online game, PUBG. The authorities have launched an inquiry into the matter to ascertain the details of the incident.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police in Greater Noida reported that a Pakistani woman and the person who let her and her four children stay in their rented accommodation have been arrested. The woman’s four children are also in police custody.

Sachin was said to have told his lawyer that he wanted to marry Seema, but had become nervous when Seema said she wanted to wander around in Delhi sightseeing, fearing they might end up getting caught.

The woman has been apprehended by Noida Police, and is currently being questioned. Additionally, the Central intelligence agencies have been contacted to provide further details about her.

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