In an incident of hair-raising medical negligence reported from Pakistan, staff at a hospital ended up cutting off a newborn baby’s head, and left it inside the womb of the mother, a Hindu woman.

The incident was reported from Sindh province in Pakistan where the 32-year-old Hindu woman was hospitalized at a rural health center for her delivery. The victim in the matter belongs to a village in Sindh’s Tharparkar district.

The woman in question had first taken to the rural health center of her locality. The health center was grossly under-staffed with no female gynecologists available. However, the staff made the woman undergo severe trauma – both physical and mental.

The staff severed the newborn’s head in the womb of the mother. They further made the mess out of the situation, carrying forward a surgery where they stitched the woman up with the severed head of the newborn inside the womb.

Later, on facing immediate life-threatening emergency, the woman was rushed to another hospital where there were no appropriate facilities for her treatment. She was later rushed to the Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, where the woman was eventually saved.

The gross medical negligence later led Dr. Juman Bahoto, Director General of Sindh Health Services to kick off multiple probes.

The Facts of the Matter

In a case of horrific medical negligence, the staff of a health center cut off the head of a newborn baby and left it inside the womb of the mother, a Hindu woman. The 32-year-old woman is a resident of Tharparkar in Sindh district.

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No Female Gynaecologists at Health Center

According to head of gynaecology unit, Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS), Professor Raheel Sikander, the woman had first taken to the health center in her locality. However, there were no female gynaecologists available at the rural health center.

Staff Cuts Off Head of Newborn, Conducts Botched-Up Surgery

Shockingly enough, the staff of the rural health center severed the newborn baby’s head. After committing the horrific mistake, they went on with the ordeal. The staff conducted a botched-up surgery and left the newborn baby’s head inside the Hindu woman’s womb.

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Hindu Woman Rushed to Different Health Center, No Facilities Available

Traumatized with the actions of the rural health center staff, the woman now faced life-threatening situation. To save her, she was rushed to a nearby hospital in Mithi, Pakistan. However, the woman received no respite at the hospital as there were not enough facilities to provide her the appropriate treatment.

Abdomen Surgery Conducted to Save Woman

Eventually, she was rushed to the hospital where the hospital staff was able to save her. The baby’s severed head was stuck inside because of which the woman’s uterus had been ruptured. To save the woman, the staff opened her up by an abdomen surgery and then took out the head of the newborn.

Hospital Staff Took Pictures of Woman and Shared it on WhatsApp

The horrific ordeal has led to multiple probes initiated by the Director General of Sindh Health Services Dr Juman Bahoto. Dr. Bahoto told media that the inquiry committee will try to ascertain as to what transpired in the absence of gynaecologist and female staffers at the health center.

Meanwhile, there are also reports that the staff in the health center took videos and pictures of the woman on their phone and shared the visuals on WhatsApp groups as she was lying on stretcher.

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Pakistan’s Concerning Neonatal Numbers

According to a research paper by Zainab Dawood & Naeem Majeed, more than 65% of the total neonatal deaths occurring across the world is accounted by 10 countries. More shockingly, Pakistan is ranked third amongst these 10 countries. According to estimates, as many as 3,00,000 newborns pass away yearly in Pakistan. The country’s neonatal rate is 42 per 1,000 births, considerably more than the average global rate of 17 deaths per 1,000.


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