Pakistani Rangers violated the ceasefire agreement by initiating the open fire along the international border in Samba District of Jammu and Kashmir on Monday, a senior BSF informed.

On Monday, along the 200 km long international border in the Ramgarh sector of Jammu and Kashmir district, Pakistan breached the ceasefire agreement and opened fire at the border security force.” Pakistan Rangers avail themselves of unprovoked firing along IB at 0615Â hours in Ramgarh sector”, Inspector General of BSF – Jammu Frontier – N. S. Jamwal, told PTI.

What is the India-Pak Ceasefire Deal?

The military representatives of India and Pakistan, supervised by the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan, signed the Karachi agreement of 1947 to establish a cease-fire line of Kashmir following the Indo-Pakistan War of 1947.

A ceasefire agreement is an agreement to put a temporary stop to the wars in which each side has to agree to with the other to stop aggressive actions.

This agreement was mutually renewed again on February 25th.

It has been just a little over two months since the agreement was renewed and Pakistan has breached the agreement. Army chief General M M Naravane has given a statement against Pakistan claiming that it will always remain dedicated with the motive of promoting terrorism in all its forms.

Details of the cease-fire violation

The border security force officer has claimed that they were doing some maintenance work when the Pakistani rangers opened fire at the BSF personnel in the Ramgarh sector. It was found out that the Border security force patrol successfully escaped unhurt. The BSF stated that there was no counterattack from our side.

“We hold on to the right to answer to the ceasefire violation (CFV). This terrorism activity will not at all be tolerated and an appropriate reply will soon be given to this mishap. All alternatives are open to reducing the ultimatum as considered by battalion commanders on the ground” mentioned an officer on Thursday.

The relations between India and Pakistan have plunged and the contraception of armistice planted after India dismissed the provisions of Article 370 with concern to Jammu and Kashmir which was divided into two union territories of Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh.

India and Pakistan had agreed to strictly look into the agreements of LOC in the renewed agreement of February 25th. The renewal of the agreement in February was done to keep calm along the border this year, it doesn’t seem to be followed now. Both countries signed the agreement last in 2003 but, was hardly followed.

It has always been known that Pakistan has regularly breached the ceasefire agreement several times with the hidden aim to penetrate their Pakistani terrorists into India. In the past, it never accepted that the Pakistani rangers have initiated the gunfire but, rather, it has claimed that the Indian army has provoked them to do so.