In a major development regarding security threat, a Pakistani terrorist was arrested by the Delhi Police. The terrorist had made a Fake ID and had even married an Indian woman, reports claim. The police apparently foiled a major prospective terror plan and seized weapons which include AK-47 rifle, pistols and ammunitions. The man lived in India thanks to a fake ID and resided in Lakshmi Nagar.


As the nation continues to observe and avert international terror threats, it is also forced to combat internal conflicts in the form of major terrorists residing and planning attacks. Earlier in September, the Delhi police had arrested as many as 6 terrorists with possible links to Pakistan’s ISI. The terrorists were reportedly planning to attack the nation during festivals.

Continuing the ordeal, the Delhi Police has arrested another Pakistani terrorist, raising questions on the security condition in India.

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The Facts of the Matter

A terrorist with possible ties to Pakistan and Pakistan’s agency ISI was arrested by the Delhi Police’s Special Cell on October 12. The terrorist was living under a fake ID at Delhi’s Laxmi Nagar region. According to reports, the police also seized AK-47 rifle with an AK-47 magazine, 60 rounds of ammunitions, a hand grenade, 2 pistols with 50 ammunition rounds.

Who is Mohammed Ashraf? How Did he Come to India?

According to an NDTV report, the terrorist Mohammed Ashraf was living his days in India as part of the sleeper cell. The 40-year-old terrorist entered the country through the Bangladesh on ISI’s accord. Much akin to the previous arrest made by the Delhi Police, Ashraf too was planning to carry an attack in the upcoming festival season.

Reportedly, Mohammed Ashraf is originally a resident of Punjab, Pakistan and had come to India through Bangladesh and had been living in Laxmi Nagar. The terrorist was in the possession of a fake ID which had the name Ali Ahmad Noorie.

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Stayed in Delhi for 15 Years, Used to Help Other Terrorists with Weapons

Further reports also claim that the terrorist, who’s under arrest, was residing in the capital for as long as the past 15 years. Further, it’s also speculated that the terrorist was supplying weapons and logistical assistance to terrorists making their way through India. On preliminary interrogation, it was revealed that the terrorist had hidden his weapons under the sand near Kalindi Kunj.

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Ashraf had an Indian Wife, Used to Receive Phone Calls From Pak

A Zee News report further reports that the terrorist was living in Delhi and had been receiving calls over VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) from Pakistan. From his seized phone, the police have also recovered the contacts of Pakistan-based numbers. A rather interesting revelation came in the form of Ashraf having an Indian wife.

How Did Ashraf Get Money from ISI?

Reportedly, Ashraf had earlier gone to Ajmer after coming to India and had made contact with a local maulvi. For years, he also used to work as a maulvi and resided near a factory of the relative of the maulvi he had befriended.

Through the ID of the maulvi’s relative, he started receiving funds from the ISI through Western Union.

After his arrest, the terrorist was sent to a 14-day custody by the Patiala House Court. The special cell has asked for further custody from the court for further interrogation.