To save his beloved mother’s visits to a nearby river for fetching water, a Palghar teen identified as Pranav recently dug up a well all on his own, and has become a local celebrity for his water crusade. In the tranquil village of Kelve, tucked away in the serene Palghar district, a tale of determination and devotion has unfolded, capturing the collective imagination of locals and transforming a modest teenager into a bonafide sensation.

Pranav Ramesh Salkar, a 14-year-old adivasi student from Adarsh Vidya Mandir, recently undertook herculean task, and saw it through. Armed with nothing but his indomitable spirit and a simple set of tools—a spade, a shovel, and an unwavering resolve—Pranav embarked on a formidable quest, driven by an unspoken love for his cherished mother.

Undeterred by the scorching blaze of the May sun, Pranav started digging into his courtyard. With each laborious scoop of earth, he inched closer to his noble goal, pausing only briefly for a meager lunch break.

And then, pristine water emerged, trickling gently at first, then swelling into a steadfast stream. This newfound well, standing tall at a majestic 20 feet, was a testament to Pranav’s unwavering commitment.

When asked about the tale behind his tale, Pranav said that he was disheartened seeing his mother go to a rivulet to fetch water every day.

The Facts of the Matter

Nestled amidst the tranquil beauty of Kelve, a remarkable story of love and devotion quietly unfolds. Within the confines of a sleepy village, a son’s unwavering love for his mother has blossomed into an extraordinary act of selflessness.

In the quiet and picturesque village of Kelve, nestled 128 kilometers away from the bustling city of Mumbai, Pranav Ramesh Salkar, a 14-year-old adivasi student from Adarsh Vidya Mandir, has become the talk of the village.

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Young Hero Embarks on Monumental Tasks

With his unwavering spirit and a spade in hand, this young hero embarked on a monumental task – to dig a well for his beloved mother.

Under the relentless gaze of the scorching May sun, Pranav fearlessly confronted the daunting challenge that lay before him. Armed with a spade, shovel, and a small ladder, he tirelessly excavated the earth in the middle of his courtyard. From dawn till dusk, with only a short respite for lunch, Pranav toiled relentlessly, his sweat mingling with the soil as he dug deeper into the earth.

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Efforts Bear Fruit | Video

Amidst the backdrop of tamarind and pipal trees, Pranav’s unwavering determination and efforts bore fruit. A seemingly endless trickle of water began to seep through the earth, quenching the parched ground. The trickle transformed into a steady flow, as if nature itself was applauding the young hero’s perseverance.

Pranav Opens Up and Reacts

In an interview with TOI, the 14-year-old humbly gave an account of his motive. “I didn’t much like my mother fetching water from a nearby rivulet. She would carry home buckets of water every morning before getting down to cooking and other household chores,” the 14-year-old hero said.

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Civic Body Lauds Pranav’s Efforts

The local civic body, swift to recognize the impact of his remarkable feat, promptly installed a tap in Pranav’s courtyard, ensuring that the flow of water would remain a symbol of his triumph. The panchayat samiti chief, Sandip Kini, praised the young hero’s extraordinary achievement and pledged further support, eager to extend a helping hand to this exceptional young man.


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