In a hair-raising incident reported from Karnataka’s Mysuru, a panic-struck leopard was seen attacking residents that were trying to chase and shoo it away. The big cat was later rescued by the forest department. The video of the incident was recently shared on social media by IFS officer Susanta Nanda. As per an ANI report, the leopard somehow made its way into Mysuru’s Kanaka Nagar and instilled fear in residents who were having an otherwise uneventful day.

“Disturbing visuals from Mysore. The crowd is only adding to the already stressed leopard. Latest, it has been safely tranquilized by the forest Department officials. It’s only mistake was that it was seen. After which the people became wild & the real wild struggled for safety,” IFS officer Susanta Nanda wrote on Twitter.

Along with the caption, Nanda also shared the video of the big cat running around and chasing locals in Mysuru. The big cat can also be seen crashing into a motorcycle. Although the person sitting on the motorcycle falls on the ground, the leopard doesn’t attack him and runs away.

The video also shows a man trying to pelt stones at the leopard, causing the big cat to chase the man.

Earlier in August, the Karnataka authorities launched ‘Operation Leopard’ after a wild leopard attacked a construction worker in Belagavi.

The Facts of the Matter

Of all the big cat species in the wildlife, leopards are the most unlikely to attack humans, simply because leopards consider humans more of a threat and a nuisance than prey. However, when due to lack of carnivore prey and increasing human encroachment, leopards are forced to take to human civilizations, and find something it can use to sustain.

Recently, a leopard was seen being chased in Mysuru and attacking humans in an abject state of panic. The incident was recently made popular thanks to videos on social media shared by locals and IFS officers.

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IFS Officer Susanta Das Shares Video of Leopard Attack in Mysuru

IFS officer Susanta Das took to Twitter, and shared the video of a leopard sprinting at a high speed, crashing into a motorcycle which was being driven by a man. Shockingly enough, the leopard runs away from the man instead of attacking him, despite the man being fallen down on the street. Out of nowhere a man rushes and tries to pelt stones at the leopard, causing the leopard to chase the man in a simply case of “fight or flight” response.

Watch the Video here:

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Netizens React to Leopard in Mysuru

Netizens were quick to react to the part-hair-raising, part-troubling video of the leopard chasing humans in a panicked state.

“When crowd is behaving wild then wild animal should do what it is intended to do,” a Twitter user commented. “This is what happens when habitats of wild animals are invaded by humans !”, another Twitter user quipped. “It was traumatised. It got confused. Sad”, a third Twitter user wrote.

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‘Operation Leopard’ Called Off

Earlier in September, the Karnataka authorities called off the ‘Operation Leopard’ a month after the big cat was not traced. Reportedly, the leopard in questioned had attacked a construction worker, and injured him, which prompted the authorities to initiate an operation. For the operation, the government spent an average of around Rs 3 lakhs a day, which involved 300 ground personnel, 150 officers from forest and police department, two elephants and other crucial resources.


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