In an incident that has sent authorities in tizzy, 2 people, including a minor, recently disappeared with a cash bag carrying Rs. 35 lakhs in cash from an SBI branch in Patiala. The entire act of the minor boy and his accomplice was caught on CCTV, visuals of which are not only going viral on Twitter, but also shown on TV news channels.

According to reports, the incident transpired earlier on August 3, Wednesday at around 11.30 AM in broad daylight. The SBI branch which witnessed the crime was reported to be the one at Sheranwala Gate, Patiala.

According to a Times Now report, the minor accused and his accomplice were at the bank, observing customers and staffers alike. This was when they observed officials leaving a Rs 35 lakh cash bag unattended.

Video footage shows the minor boy picking the bag up and escaping the spot casually and without raising any suspicion. According to reports, the accused took an e-rickshaw from the bank and escaped.

Following the incident, officials in bank alerted the police and a team of police reached the bank. An investigation has been kicked off in the matter to identify and nab the minor accused and his accomplice.

The Facts of the Matter

When we imagine bank heists, we often think about men with masks and guns, causing mayhem, and fleeing the spot with several bags of cash. Recently, two robbers, including a minor, took advantage of the fact that a cash bag was unattended, and disappeared with it. The bag was reportedly carrying Rs. 35 lakhs cash.

Robbery Took Place in Broad Daylight

According to reports, the robbery took place at State Bank of India’s Sheranwala Gate branch in Patiala, Punjab, sometime around 11.30 am today, August 3. In broad daylight, the two accused, including a minor who appeared to be aged somewhere between 10-15 years, decamped a cash bag with lakhs of rupees.

Accused Captured on CCTV

CCTV footage shows the minor accused grabbing the unattended cash bag and leaving the spot without raising an alert or suspicion.

While it remains to be found out whether the child was part of an infamous gang, it does appear that the child and the accused were observing the staffers and customers to carry out their robbery without any hindrance.

Money was to be Deposited in ATM

According to a Times Now report, the accused minor was with the accomplice looking for an opportunity to commit a theft. This was when the accused duo observed the bank officials leaving a cash bag near the cash counter unattended. The bank officials had kept the cash bag as the money was to be deposited in an ATM.

While the accused are still on the run, it is being reported that they took an e-auto rickshaw from outside the State Bank of India branch and fled the spot before anyone could raise an alert.

Police Investigating the Matter

Following the shocking robbery, the bank alerted the police officials and teams of police came to the bank to investigate in the matter.

“The theft took place in the SBI at around 11.35 am today. The bank officials had kept the bag containing around Rs 35 lakh at a cash counter for depositing in the ATM. We have checked the CCTV footages and a minor boy could be clearly seen running away with the bag,” a police officer was quoted by media saying.

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