The hair-raising video of a patient lying on stretcher somehow making a miraculous escape from a mishap after a hospital elevator malfunctioned has been going viral on social media. The video was first shared on social media by a journalist Abhinay Deshpande and has since been viewed over two-hundred thousand times on Twitter.

The video shows two men carrying a patient lying on a stretcher. A man on the other side of the stretcher brings the stretcher inside while the other is standing outside with the stretcher stuck half-way between the elevator and the hallway. Somehow, the elevator malfunctions and moves down without the patient taken completely inside or outside.

Bystanders looking at the ordeal rush to somehow avert the potential crisis. A second part of the video shows how the men fell of the stretcher when the elevator malfunctioned. So far, the location and the hospital where the incident occurred, has not been reported.

Netizens on Twitter were shocked to see the videos. While most enquired whether the patient was fine after the mishap, others asked where the incident took place. “This is shameful!!! Is the patient safe? The lift company should be sued,” a Twitter user commented.

The video comes days after a similar incident occurred in Russia, where a man’s head was almost torn off by a lift.

The Facts of the Matter

Elevators in buildings across the world save time for countless people by ferrying them on different floors in less time. Further, they also help the physically-challenged people who may not be able to use escalators or stairs. However, what happens when such crucial machines malfunction and put the lives at risk.

In one video, an elevator at a hospital-like institute can be seen malfunctioning right when a patient was being taken into it. The video of the incident was recently shared on Twitter, and since been viewed over two-lakh times.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video shows two men taking a patient inside an elevator in a building which appears to be a hospital-like institute. One person on the farther end of the stretcher takes the patient inside the elevator while other is standing outside, waiting to get inside. Before the man could get inside and have the patient completely inside the elevator, it moves swiftly. Bystanders rush towards the elevator shaft to somehow avert a potential mishap. Meanwhile, a second video posted shows the man on stretcher falling down due to the sudden movement.

Watch the Video here:

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Netizens React to Patient’s Miraculous Escape

Many netizens were left shocked and concerned to the video. While some commented and asked if the patient is fine, others enquired as to where the incident occurred. Many netizens also shared their thoughts on the safety of elevators.


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