In an incident that may sound something to have emerged out of a horror film, a “dead” woman, who was about to be buried had to knock on her coffin lid at her own funeral to alert funeral attendees about being alive. The shocking incident was reported from Peru. What makes the entire incident even more shocking, is that the woman died hours after she was rushed from funeral home to hospital where she was declared alive.

According to reports, the incident occurred sometime on April 26 when the family of now deceased Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca had gathered at a funeral home in Lambayeque to pay their tributes. Rosa had made her way into the coffin after being involved in a serious road accident.

Following the accident, Ros was declared ‘dead’, and was rushed to a funeral house after being loaded in a coffin. However, when Rosa’s relatives carried the coffin on their shoulders, they were horrified to hear sounds coming from the coffin.

Lowing the coffin, they received the shock of their lives when Rosa was looking at them from the coffin with beads of sweat on her face.

The Facts of the Matter

A quiet and mournful funeral in Peru was interrupted recently by the person for whom the funeral was held. The funeral was interrupted in the most nightmarish way – sounds coming out of the coffin where the supposed dead body was kept.

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Peru Woman Declared ‘Dead’

The incident was reported from Peru, where Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca met with a serious road accident in the Chiclayo-Picsi region. Following the incident, Rosa and her brother-in-law were declared dead while her nephews who were in the car sustained serious injuries.

People Hear Noises from Coffin

After being pronounced dead, Rosa was taken to a funeral home on April 26 in Lambayque, Peru for the funeral. As some of Rosa’s relatives put the coffin on their shoulders, they gasped after they heard strange noises coming from the coffin at the beginning of the service.

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“She opened her eyes..”: Cemetery Caretaker

When the mourners and Rosa’s relatives opened the wooden lid of the coffin, they were horrified to see Rosa peeking with her eyes and showing enough signs of being alive. The cemetery caretaker Juan Segundo Cajo was quoted in reports saying, “She opened her eyes and was sweating. I immediately went to my office and called the police.”

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Passing Away After Life-Support Intervention

Rosa was made to lay down in the coffin itself and was immediately rushed to a hospital where medics were also showed to confirm that she was showing signs of being alive, albeit low ones. Fearing a tragedy, medics quickly hooked Rosa to a life-support and her condition improved marginally for a while.

However, hours after being hooked to the life support, Rosa passed away. As one would expect, Rosa’s relatives were outraged after being subjected to the horrifying incident. They are now looking for answers as to how Rosa was declared dead at the first place before she was handed to the funeral house.

Meanwhile, police are investigating whether the medics at the Lambayeque Regional Hospital, where Rosa was treated initially and declared dead, sent her to the morgue without appropriate review.

Similar Incident Happened in Gwalior This Year

While the incident may sound too strange and random to be common, there have been instances of such negligence. Earlier in February this year, a woman was pronounced dead at a Gwalior hospital, Madhya Pradesh, only to be found alive in the mortuary.

According to reports, the woman was admitted to a Gwalior hospital after being involved in a road accident. After being admitted, she was declared dead by the doctors and her body was sent to the mortuary.

At the post-mortem house, the husband of the woman placed his hand over his wife’s hand as a sign of final goodbye and was shocked to feel pulse racing through the wife’s hand.

The woman was once again treated, and responded well to the treatment for 18 hours, before tragically passing away. In the end, the hospital conducted not one but three ECG tests on the woman to make sure she was indeed dead.


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