Another dog attack in high-rise building lift was reported recently after a 6-year-old school student in Noida was bitten by a pet dog. The incident was reported from La Residentia society located in Techzone 4, Greater Noida. The incident occurred earlier on Tuesday, sometime around 3 pm. As per reports, the mother-son duo was in the lift in the Tower 7 of the residential society. The entire incident was caught on cam, visuals of which are making rounds of social media.

The CCTV footage of the incident shows the dog owner of the pet dog not being able to control his pet as it lunges towards the 6-year-old boy and bites his hand viciously. Before the dog could cause any more harm, the dog was separated and the boy’s mother started tending to him. Meanwhile, the dog’s owner stood in the lift as if nothing transpired in the last few moments.

In the interviews that followed, the boy’s father mentioned that the pet dog had gone completely out of control when his son entered the lift. He also added that the dog continued with the attack after the boy tried to hide behind his mother.

Meanwhile, the boy’s mother mentioned that her son was “scarred” about the incident. She also added that she was acquainted to the dog’s owner.

The Facts of the Matter

Yet another incident of a pet dog biting a young kid was reported recently. Like previous such incidents, this incident too took place inside the lift of a high rise building of a society in Greater Noida.

The 6-year-old boy who was the victim of dog attack, reportedly sustained injuries on his hand. The boy’s mother was accompanying him inside the lift and the duo was making their way back to the home from school.

The incident occurred earlier on Tuesday this week at the La Resedentia society, in Greater Noida’s Techzone 4. CCTV cameras captured the entire incident, visuals of which are going viral.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video shows the young boy cautiously making his way into the lift with his mother as a pet dog is inside the lift with the owner. In the moments that followed, the dog completely went out of control and lunged at the young boy. Before the boy’s mother could intervene, the dog bit the boy’s hands and was trying to maul it before the owner pulled its leash and separated it from the boy. Shocked and in pain, the boy hides behind his mother as the pet dog’s owner stands with the attacking dog.

Watch the Video here:

Following the incident, the boy’s father gave an interview where he said that the dog continued attacking his 6-year-old son even when he was trying to hide behind his mother. He also said that the dog had gone completely out of control when his wife and son entered the lift.

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AOA Members Left Fuming

As per an India Today report, the apartment owners’ association (AOA) members are shocked at the incident and have called it “very scary”. Another member of the association mentioned that although some rules have been formed to control the dogs, “dog lovers” do not follow them.

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Noida Introduces Pet Policy

The incident comes just days after the Noida authority recently amended its pet animals policy. As per the new amendment, owners will now need to register their pet dogs by January 31, or be at the risk of paying a fine. Further, in any case of attack, a fine of Rs 10,000 will be imposed.


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