A pet dog recently bit a Zomato delivery executive on his private parts, with the video of the incident showing the victim bleeding & crying in pain. The incident was reported from Panvel’s Indiabulls Greens Marigold Cooperative Housing Society and occurred earlier on August 29.

On August 29, Zomato delivery executive Narendra Periyar was in a lift when a pet German Shephard lunched at him and allegedly bit him. The alleged victim of the dog bite is receiving treatment for a Navi Mumbai-based private hospital.

Narendra Periyar was quoted in a Mid Day report saying, “After making the delivery, when I came down, I saw a huge dog. Before I could realise what’s happening the dog had attacked me.”  Periyar also mentioned that a few days after the incident, his pain got further unbearable and hence, got admitted at the DY Patil Hospital. Further, he also mentioned that the dog owner is taking care of his medical expenses, and added that even the dog owner was shocked to see the extent of the injury he received.

Earlier this month, a young boy was caught on CCTV being bitten by a pet dog in Ghaziabad in a housing society lift. A few days later, a pet dog was seen attacking another man in a lift at a housing society in Noida.

The Facts of the Matter

Pet-parents across the nation are now being seen in a different light, as there have been a rise in pet-dog attacks at housing societies where owners are seen not being in control of their aggressive and agitated pets. In another such incident, a Zomato delivery executive was seen getting bit by a pet German Shephard at a Panvel-based housing society’s lift.

The incident occurred earlier on August 29 and was reported from Indiabulls Greens Marigold Housing Society in Panvel. The victim, 33-year-old Narendra Periyar was reportedly in a lift when the German Shephard lunged at him and bit his private parts. The entire incident was caught on CCTV, visuals of which are going viral.

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What Does the Video Show?

In the video gone viral, Narendra Periyar can be seen getting out of an elevator and gets startled as a German Shepard tries to enter the elevator. The owner of the pet dog pulls the leash and tries to pull it away from the lift. Thinking he is safe, Narendra steps out of the elevator and the dog instantly pounces at him and bites him at his crotch region. The video then cuts to the same delivery executive writhing in pain and bleeding from the affected area.

Watch the Video here:

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Dog Owner Taking Care of Expenses

While speaking to Mid Day, Narendra mentioned that he ran from the spot and only after gathering a safe distance, did he realize that he was bleeding profusely. This was when he was rushed to the MGM Hospital in Kamothe and was given anti-rabies injection. A couple of days later, he found blood in his urine. Fighting with the unbearable pain, he managed to go to DY Patil hospital where he was treated.

He also added that the pet-dog owner is taking care of the expenses and even they were shocked seeing the extent of the injury.


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