Petrol and diesel are retailing at their record highs in the country. The retail fuel prices surged across the nation for its 7th consecutive day with the price of petrol rising by 20 to 26 paisa per litre. The price of diesel has also followed the path of petrol and the price for diesel has also increased by around 30 paisa for litre. Continue reading to know the price for petrol and diesel in your city today.

In the national capital Delhi, the price of petrol has jumped to Rs. 88.99 per litre while diesel got dearer with the price jumping to Rs. 79.35. Automobile owners in the Maharashtra capital Mumbai will have to shell out Rs. 95.46 for petrol and Rs. 86.34 for diesel.

In Rajasthan’s pink city Jaipur, petrol is being retailed at Rs. 95.51 per litre while diesel rate has increased to Rs. 87.76 per litre. Meanwhile, Sri Ganganagar district in Rajasthan has petrol being sold at a whopping Rs. 99.56 per litre and diesel at Rs. 91.48 per litre.

Rajasthan remains the state with the highest fuel prices because the state levies the highest VAT on the fuel in India. It should be noted that the price of petrol and diesel vary according to the taxes that are levied on them by the State and Central Governments. In January last month, Rajasthan had cut VAT on petrol by 2%.

There are several cities other than Mumbai and Rajasthan where petrol will now retail above Rs. 90. Chennai will see petrol retailing at Rs. 91.19 with diesel just shy of 85 rupee mark and being retailed at Rs. 84.44 mark. Karnataka capital Bengaluru citizens who already have to make long stretches of the city to commute will have to pay Rs. 91.97 for petrol and Rs. 84.12 for diesel.

The largest Bihar city Patna also has petrol soaring to new heights. As of today, petrol is sold for Rs. 91.67 and diesel at Rs. 84.84 at the Bihar capital. Kerala capital Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram also has the highest petrol rates the city has ever had with petrol selling for Rs. 90.87 and diesel selling for Rs. 85.30.

Reason for increase in petrol and diesel prices in India

The increasing price in fuel is directly related to the global market oil prices which rose to its highest in more than a year. As per the experts, the expectations of an increase in oil and fuel demand due to the worldwide vaccine rollout against the COVID-19 has also been the reason for the upward trajectory of fuel prices.

Petrol, diesel prices not going down any time soon

For people seeking some respite in the increasing fuel price, the further news may be the source of concern and disappointment. As of now, the government is not planning to waive off and cut down taxes on petrol and diesel which may result in a decrease in fuel price.

Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas replied to a hand-written question whether the government has plans to reduce taxes on petrol and diesel in the Rajya Sabha proceedings on Wednesday. Pradhan’s reply to the question was simple and precise: “There is no such proposal at present,” he said.

Here is what automobile owners would need to pay for a litre of petrol and diesel in major cities across India on Monday, February 15


City Petrol Price (In rupees, per litre) Diesel Price (In rupees, per litre)
New Delhi 88.99  79.35
Mumbai 95.46 86.34
Bangalore 91.97 84.12
Kolkata 90.25 82.94
Chennai 91.19 84.44
Bhubaneswar 89.86 86.63
Jaipur 95.51 87.76
Chandigarh 85.64 79.06
Hyderabad 92.53 86.55
Trivandrum 90.87 85.30
Lucknow 87.64 79.72
Noida 87.65 79.72
Patna 91.67 84.84
Gurgaon 86.66 79.61