Former Indian cricket captain Kapil Dev recently said that players should prioritize country over IPL. While addressing the performance of the Indian cricket team at T20 World Cup the former World Cup-winning captain and the legendary allrounder Kapil Dev said that there are a couple of reasons that resulted in the bad performance of India over other countries. This year India failed to qualify for the semi-finals, something happened first time in the 8 ICC events said Kapil Dev while pointing out Indian cricketers’ performance in this year’s T20 World Cup.

What Does Kapil Dev Say?

Kapil Dev gave a big statement to ABP News by saying that there are some cricketers of Indian cricket teams who are prioritising the Indian Premier League over ICC events and further advised BCCI that they should look into the matter promptly if the country wants to win more titles in ICC events.

Kapil Dev further said that he is not against the players who are playing franchise cricket but he is more concerned about ICC events that is why he suggested BCCI look into it.

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Why Did Team India Fail?

Last Sunday Indian cricket team knock out from T20 World Cup and has failed to take their place in the semifinals. Kapil Dev said that all the players should take responsibility for this loss. New Zealand has made its last spot in the semifinal and thus kicked India out from the tournament. While giving an interview to ABP News Kapil Dev showed his consideration towards ICC events while suggesting young players focus more on ICC events rather than focus on playing IPL.

He further said that they should feel proud while playing for the nation and hence they must put all of their efforts to win ICC events like the ICC T20 World Cup.

The former Indian Cricket captain further suggested all the players learn from their mistakes and get themselves more committed towards big tournaments while representing themselves for their country.

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What Affected India’s Performance?

The bowling coach Bharat Arun and Indian Pacer Jasprit Burmah also highlighted about mental fatigue suffered by most of the players who have been playing straight for 6 months since the start of the IPL in April 2021.

They further added that now this is the time of much-needed break after the ending of the IPL league on October 15 for India. Arun further said due to this fatigue, the performance of Indian players was affected badly and that is why we have lost our first two matches against New Zealand and Pakistan. Kapil Dev said that there should be a gap between the T20 world cup and the second leg of the IPL so that players could be able to get enough time to plan their strategy.

Since 2012, it is the first time when India made an earlier exit from any ICC event said by former Indian Cricket captain and all-rounder Kapil Dev.

He further said that if we want to score well in the upcoming World Cup then we should start planning right away so that the mistake should not be repeated.