Kicking off the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) Summit this week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for governments worldwide to come together urgently to develop an ethical framework governing the use of artificial intelligence by the end of 2023.

In his inaugural address, Modi struck an optimistic note about AI’s potential but warned of existential risks from opaque models and weaponization by bad actors. He emphasized the need for transparency, arguing systems must be explainable and unbiased to become trusted by the public.

The premier also focused heavily on inclusion given AI’s power to either exacerbate or reduce existing inequities. He advocated for developing countries to have a seat at the table in shaping policies.

Risks and Safeguards

Modi cautioned about threats like data theft, cyberattacks and deepfakes. He endorsed classifying applications by level of risk to prioritize governance. Safeguards could include digital watermarking to confirm authenticity of AI-generated content.

If such dangers are left unchecked, the PM warned AI could “destroy the world as we know it.” He urged G20 nations to quickly build international consensus around responsible development and prevention of misuse.

Harnessing AI for Good

However, Modi noted AI also presents abundant positive potential. He announced India would launch new initiatives applying AI to benefit agriculture, healthcare, education and social initiatives. Increased investment and incentives aim to unleash innovation for public good.

By emphasizing ethics, inclusion and human values, Modi argued the global AI framework can ensure this profoundly powerful technology lifts humanity collectively rather than furthering divisions. The urgency and emphasis on risks signals India will prioritize provocative discussions on governing AI during its 2023 leadership of GPAI.

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