Popular YouTuber Dhruv Rathee recently surprised his followers by getting married to his longtime girlfriend Juli in Vienna. The 27-year-old Haryana YouTuber met Juli back in 2014 when he had moved to Germany. It was the same time that Dhruv also started making fact-checking and explainer videos and garnered massive popularity.

He currently has 6.29 million YouTube subscribers and some of his most popular videos have received over 8 million views. After his wedding, Dhruv took to Instagram and shared some pictures of his wedding ceremony. Juli was looking radiant in a white gown while Dhruv looked his dapper self with his navy coloured tuxedo.


The wedding season is upon us and how! While most Indians are currently enjoying in weddings they are invited in, or looking forward to their own, several celebrities are tying the knots too.

Earlier this month, popular Bollywood actor Rajkumar Rao got married to his longtime girlfriend Chitralekha. Rajkumar and Chitralekha’s wedding pictures gave a lot of people couple goals and wedding goals.

In this year, Yami Gautam, Dia Mirza, Varun Dhawan also got married and rung the wedding bells loud enough for the entire nation to hear. Meanwhile, Bollywood couples Alia Bhatt – Ranbir Kapoor and Vicky Kaushal – Katrina Kaif too are reported to get married sometime this year.

Adding to the list of couples that got married, YouTuber Dhruv Rathee also got married recently and gave his followers a surprise to cherish and celebrate.

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The Facts of the Matter

Dhruv Rathee is a man known for many things. He’s known for his comprehensive explainer videos on several ongoing issues. He’s also known for his fact-checking videos and his uncanny knack to call out biased media outlets. Among his fans, he’s also known for his vlogs where he sometimes shares the glimpses of his longtime girlfriend JuliLbr.

Jab Dhruv Met Juli

Earlier last week, Dhruv and Juli got married in Vienna. Reportedly, Dhruv and Juli met in 2014 when Dhruv had moved from Haryana to Germany. It’s the same time when Dhruv started posting small videos on his channel which would later garner millions of followers. Almost 8 years of courtship and the couple finally decided to say ‘I do’, and got married.

Geruha Plays as Dhruv and Juli Walk Hand in Hand

The couple reportedly got married at the Belvedere Palace in Austria’s Vienna on November 24. After the wedding, both Dhruv and Juli shared pictures of their wedding and some visuals of the wedding. In one such video, Dhruv and Juli can be seen walking hands in hands as the song Geruha plays in background. While Juli is wearing a white wedding gown, Dhruv is wearing a navy-blue coloured tuxedo.


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In one of the posts Dhruv wrote a caption which read, “More than 7 years after we met, we finally got married. Guess the place and the city? A short video of our wedding day is coming soon too. PS: Thank you for all the sweet comments and congratulations!”


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Dhruv Shares Wedding Vlog on YouTube

Staying true to his vlogger self, Dhruv also shared a vlog of his wedding on YouTube. The video showed a glimpse of the magnificent and dreamy wedding. Interestingly only 22 persons attended the wedding as the couple wanted only the closest people to them take part. Dhruv also apologized to people watching the video for not inviting several more people as he wanted to keep it a private affair.

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“So Disappointed”: Juli Slams Trollers

Due to current socio-political climate, Dhruv has been targeted by several factions of public in the past. On his wedding several trollers commented asking whether Dhruv had a Christian wedding and whether he converted to Christianity.

To curb all the rumors, Juli shared a story in which she wrote, “So many people have the misconception that we got married in a church, so I would like to clear that up. We got married in Belvedere Palace, which isn’t a church. I’m not a Christian – I’m not religious and this wasn’t a religious wedding.”

She further added, “Very disappointed to see some comments focusing on religion rather than the bond of two people who love each other and making assumptions in an attempt to find flaws in Dhruv even on his wedding day.”

Juli's Comment

Juli’s Comment