A pregnant woman was recently left horrified after she found a knife in her subway sandwich. Video gone viral, shows the woman in question lifting her half-cut sandwich to reveal a sharp kitchen knife sitting underneath. The incident was reported from England’s Suffolk, and the woman who received the sharp surprise was 21-year-old Nerice Moyce. Reportedly, Moyce is 17 weeks pregnant and has sought apology from the sandwich franchise.

According to a Great Yarmouth Mercury report, Moyce made the startling discovery earlier on August 7 when she got the sandwich delivered to her partner’s home, sometime around 5.15 pm. The same report quoted the Lowestoft resident saying, “I understand everyone has an off day, but you have to be incredibly careful when you work in an environment like that.”

A New York Post report stated that Subway is yet to apologize for its alleged transgression and Moyce remains in possession of the knife. She said that she received a message from Subway’s official Instagram account where she was assured that the restaurant would contact her in the next few days.

The news of the pregnant woman discovering knife in her subway sandwich comes just days after Domino’s Pizza received as pictures and videos went viral showing toilet cleaning mops and brushes kept dangerously close to its dough at a Bengaluru, India outlet.

The Facts of the Matter

“Eat fresh” is the tagline of multinational-sandwich franchise Subway. Recently, a woman was left horrified to see that the company sent a fresh sandwich, and a sharp knife inside it. The incident was reported from Suffolk, England, where 21-year-old Nerice Moyce made the startling discovery.

Moyce, who is reportedly 17-weeks pregnant, also shared the video of making the horrific discovery on her Facebook. According to reports, Moyce had ordered a tuna sandwich at her partner’s home earlier on August 7, Sunday, when she got the ‘biting’ surprise.

“Everyone has a off day…”

Speaking to a local outlet, 21-year-old Nerice Moyce said, “I understand everyone has an off day, but you have to be incredibly careful when you work in an environment like that. I was with my partner and we got hungry. I am currently pregnant and always getting cravings so my partner went on his phone and ordered a Subway.”

“Hang on, what?” Woman, Partner Left Shocked

She claimed to have opened the sandwich pack and had a ‘hang on, what?’ reaction. The couple were left startled and sat there, looking the knife in shock. “I just opened it up and was like ‘hang on, what?’. We both sat there in shock. My partner called Subway in Gorleston High Street and asked ‘have you lost one of your yellow knives. And he was like ‘Wait. Are you being serious, like actually?’”, she added.

Could’ve Gone to Kid, Teenager

She also added how it could have been a teenager or a child who would’ve found the knife in the sandwich, and mentioned that she was glad that it came to her and not to them. Moyce also added that Subway is yet to apologize for the entire ordeal, and reached out to her on Instagram, assuring that they would speak to the restaurant which delivered the sandwich and contact her soon.

Subway Responds

Meanwhile, following outrage on social media, a Subway spokesperson was quoted in a Daily Mail report apologizing in a statement.

“Since the incident was brought to our attention, we have investigated this thoroughly and the team apologised to the customer immediately once informed. Since then, the franchisee has reached out to the customer again to resolve the issue,” the spokesperson’s statement read.


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