An Indian-origin man was among the dead after a plane crashed into Southern California homes. “Pretty brutal scene for our guys”, a fire marshal chief was quoted by reporters after the incident. According to reports, a twin-engine plane owned by an Indian-origin doctor crashed into a row of houses in California causing massive fire around the nearby homes. At least 2 persons have been reported dead in the tragic accident with as many or more injured.


Breaking Bad, Lost, Departure and a slew of finely-produced television dramas show airplane crashes that cause deaths and destruction. However, nothing can come close to the real incidents where one can only look at visuals filled with fire, smoke, ash and tears with disbelief. While airplanes are getting much safer and licenses are usually not granted often – there are times when tragedies can strike out of nowhere.

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The Facts of the Matter

On October 11, Monday, a small twin-engine aircraft crashed into the blocks of houses near San Diego, the second-most populous Californian county. The crash led to the deaths of at least 2 persons – including 1 who was an Indian-origin doctor. After the crash, it was reported that at least 2 homes were destroyed gravely due to the fire which ensued after the crash.

Minutes Before the Crash

On October 11, a C340 Cessna was flying to Yuma Arizona from San Diego. However, the airplane started showing problems when it was trying to land at the Gillespie Field and ultimately crashed. As the airplane crashed into residential area, houses were destroyed, vehicles were burnt and people were left traumatized.

The twin-engine airplane was about half a mile away from the runway when an ATC (air-traffic controller) told the pilot about the aircraft being too low. “Low altitude alert, climb immediately, climb the airplane,” the controller told.

Several footages obtained by media played the audio of the ATC urging the pilot to climb the plane. “You appear to be descending again, sir,” the ATC said as the plane dropped as low as 1,500 feet.

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Crash Happened Blocks Away from High School

Thankfully, the Santana High School, which is located about 3 blocks away from the crash didn’t report any injuries or casualties. The High School also took to Twitter and claimed that the students were fine. A fire department official was quoted by media saying, “It’s a pretty brutal scene for our guys and we’re trying to comb through it.

UPS Condoles Death of its Employee

Hours after the accident, shipping and logistics giant UPS (United Parcel Service) reported that one of its employees died in the crash. The company issued a statement which read, “We are heartbroken by the loss of our employee, and extend our deepest condolences to his family and friends. We also send our condolences for the other individuals who are involved in this incident, and their families and friends.”

The other dead civilian was Dr. Sugata Das – an Indian origin cardiologist. Dr. Das worked at the Yuma Regional Medical Center, Arizona and was the hospital’s CMO (chief medical officer).

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Eye Witness Reveal ‘War-zone’ Like Atmosphere

The eyewitnesses gave an account of the war-zone like atmosphere after the crash. It was reported that a couple was rescued from one of the two homes that were destroyed due to the crash. Meanwhile, the other home was empty and was sold only a few months ago.

Another person reported to news agency NBC that his neighbors pulled his mother out of a burning home and helped the stepfather when he was in the backyard. Unfortunately, their dog died in the crash.