In a situation where a protector turned into a predator, a Bihar IAS is accused of physical and mental torture by his own wife. According to reports, the IAS officer is from the 2015-Bihar cadre and is currently the District Magistrate of Sheohar.


Sajjan Sitara, an IAS officer from the 2015 batch, is part of the news, not for serving the public and working as a dedicated officer, but in a case regarding domestic violence. According to reports, the DM of Sheohar has been accused of physical & mental torture, demanding dowry and even separating his wife from his 2-year-old daughter.

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Complaint filed under Sections 498A, 279, 337, 338

On June 21, Times of India reported that Sajjan’s wife lodged a complaint against her husband at the Muzaffarpur police station under section 498A, 279, 337 & 338 of the Indian Penal Code on Friday last week.

In the IPC, Section 498A pertains to harassment of the woman, Section 279 pertains to rash driving or riding on a public way, Sections 337 pertains to causing hurt by act endangering life & Sections 338 pertains to causing grievous hurt by act endangering life.

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“FIR Lodged to blackmail”: Alleged accused denies allegations

According to reports, the alleged accused is living with his mother V. Bharathy. Other than having a daughter, the couple also has a 1-year-old son, who also lives with his father. Meanwhile, after the news broke, Sajjan denied the allegations against him and claimed that the FIR was lodged to blackmail him.

“I am trying to speak to my wife for resolution. I am trying to call her to Sheohar but she is not coming due to her ego problem,”

DM Sajjan claimed. The alleged accused also shared that their daughter is suffering from a genetic disease and that’s why he had to call her mother back from Chennai to take care of the daughter.

While the accused denied all the allegations, Sitara, the wife of the IAS officer alleged that on March 1, Sajjan assaulted her and her mother sent an email to relevant authorities in Bihar to assist her. This led to senior bureaucrats brought her to a safe quarter at the Muzaffarpur Magistrate Colony.

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Husband ‘abducted’ daughter

As per the FIR, Sitara has alleged that her husband ‘abducted’ their daughter 3 months back. Further, she also alleged that her husband had pushed her out of a moving car on June 15 when she asked her to keep the daughter with herself for a while.

The FIR also goes into details about the incident. As per the FIR, Sajjan was at Muzaffarpur to celebrate the birthday of their son when this incident happened. Further, Sitara also alleged in the FIR that her wife also got injured in the incident.

Further, as per Sitara, whenever she tried to bring up the point of returning their daughter to her, her husband Sajjan asks her to take back the maintenance petition she had filed when she started living in Muzaffarpur.

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“Have been assaulted by mother-in-law”: Bihar IAS

Meanwhile, Sajjan stated that the problems between him and his wife started right after their marriage. He claimed that after the marriage he found that his wife wanted to live separately and wants money for her as well their children.

“I have been assaulted by my mother-in- law and my wife many times. On one such occasion, I ended up suffering a fracture in my arm. Her claim of her shifting to Muzaffarpur following a complaint against me is false. She never wanted to live in a remote district like Sheohar,”

-he was quoted by the reporters saying.