If you thought that Sony’s latest PlayStation 5 couldn’t be more out of your reach, think again! Caviar, a company that puts ‘p’ in premium has taken the PlayStation 5 and has given it their own ostentatious spin to it. The Russian luxury brand has launched a Sony PlayStation 5 with 18-Carat gold plating all over it. The special edition console is adorned with enough Gold to make Bappi Lehari proud and the Gold reserves of multiple countries envious. And if this was not enough, the console’s DualSense controller is laden with crocodile leather. This super-luxe model of Sony’s PlayStation 5 is known as Sony PlayStation 5 Golden Rock Edition

Sony PlayStation 5’s design has already been talked to death when it comes to being pretty bizarre thanks to the curves, the gigantic size, and the spacecraft like shape. Caviar has now taken this console and turned the bizarreness of its design up a notch and has given a console worthy of being placed in the lair of a Shaikh in Dubai. 

The Gold Rock Edition of Sony’s PS5 uses a whopping and borderline ridiculous 20kg of gold in the outer body. Keeping the bling going, Caviar has also given a hint of gold in its controller on the inserts, and as if that was not enough, it has made use of crocodile leather for the controller’s grips. On the shining, blinking surface of the console, the name of the company is imprinted. 

With over 20kg of gold which is used for the PS5’s outer body, not only does this make the console extremely heavy, but it also makes one want to place more than a handful number of CCTV cameras in the living room or bedroom where they might decide to put the console in. 

Although Caviar’s website has not revealed a price for this product, rest assured that most of the people reading this(and for sure the one who’s written this) will not be able to afford it. The silver lining is that at least most of us can buy the standard edition of the PlayStation 5 and enjoy gaming. Oh wait, we can’t do that too since PlayStation 5 has not even been released officially in India yet.

Earlier, Caviar maxed out on luxury by giving people a new rendition of Apple’s AirPods Max headphones. 

The custom AirPods Max is made of 750 gold with white crocodile leather on its head band. In its statement, Caviar stated, “It is impossible to look away from this innovative and splendid device created for those who value their uniqueness and want to always be on top.” Caviar has priced the device at, brace yourselves, only $1,08,000 (approximately Rs. 79,43,253) and plans to release it in 2021. 

Luxury brand Caviar is best known for its premium renditions of gadgets with a mission to, “highlight the individual style of every person through everyday accessories by customizing and developing elite collection in limited editions.”

The company also celebrated the historically significant moment of iPhone 4’s release by releasing a custom variant of Apple’s latest flagship iphone 12. The company calls it, iPhone 12 Pro Jobs 4. 

iPhone 12 Pro Jobs 4 is known for having to be inspired by iPhone 4 in regards to the aesthetic and design but it also packs the latest and greatest technology that breathes a life into iPhone 12 series. 

Caviar customized the iPhone 12 Jobs 4 by including a small piece of visionary entrepreneur Steve Job’s turtleneck sweater and placed it on the Apple logo at the smartphone’s rear. There are multiple versions of the phone. While the gold-plated version has 18 carat gold logo and rear casing that’s made from titanium, the Black variant has both the Apple logo and back panel made out of hardened titanium. There’s also a version available in White whose back is made of G-10 and logo that sits on the back is made of 925 sterling silver. 

But if you want something more ostentatious and don’t shy away from creating a loud statement, and you have $70,000 in spare, Caviar’s got you covered.

Caviar’s iPhone 11 Pro Discovery Solarius is not only a mouthful, but also as over-the-top makeover a smartphone can get. According to Caviar, the making of iPhone 11 Pro Discovery Solarius took the company half a kilogram of gold and 137 diamonds.

On the Solarious rendition, nestled right in the middle of all the sparkle half a kilogram of gold brought, is a luxury watch with a tourbillion(one of the most expensive accessory a watch can have). And within the watch face, there’s a yellow diamond, which we all can only presume, is very expensive. 

According to Caviar, this version of iphone symbolizes the eternal life Sun gives to our planet. But let’s face it, a person who buys this sort of thing won’t be as interested in “symbolism” as Caviar might think.